The #DoMagick Challenge Day 13


Eihwaz (Wikimedia Commons)

Today I did galdr with Eihwaz.

Today I cleansed with the Eldest Ancestor, Fire.   Today’s galdr was held before my altar to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir.  When I lit the candle, a white seven day candle, I made the Fire Prayer and thanked the Eldest Ancestor for cleansing me, purifying me for the work ahead.  I then sat the candle on the ground in front of me throughout the galdr.

In the first round of galdr I was shown the Rune, red on a screen of black.  It morphed from the Rune into a figure, and that figure bore a pack and walked on a road in woolen and leather clothes fit for the cold.  At varying points I became that figure.  His pack was full of foods, all preserved or long-lasting, whether salted and smoked meats or nuts or oats of some kind.  He knew how to use the food to keep himself going, how not to eat too little or gorge.  The figure walked with weapons easily accessible, a knife or seax on his hip, spear in his hand, axe on his other hip.  He brought with him water and ways to make simple traps.

In the second round of galdr I was the man in the wool and leather again.  I was enduring biting, bitter cold.  I was walking long, long days, only stopping to rest when I needed.  I was not stopping till the place was safe.  I drifted in this part of the meditation, my body moving back and forth on the ground with the steps I made in spirit.  It was to tire and to keep on going until you had to stop, to face the elements with preparedness, grit.

In the third round of galdr I experienced a battle.  An ambush, perhaps, as arrows rained down all I could do was thank the Gods the shield held, turning into a heavy weighted thing.  I stood with my spear and fought for I do not know how long, only that after a long fight all were dead and I was alive.  I saw here another aspect of Eihwas-as-trap: the ambush, but also the ability to push through them, to disengage and destroy the trap.  To rend it, to render it useless.  The will and resolve to live despite all odds and come out triumphant.

Perhaps it is that I am tired, and I find as I write this, hungry, that I found each part of the galdr experience tonight both long, despite running under my usual time, and also quite vivid.

When I was finished I cleansed with the candle as before, thanking it for cleansing me.  I then did my usual prayers to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir, asking the Eldest Ancestor to help me come back to normal space as I blew out the candle, thanking the Eldest Ancestor.  This time I snuffed the candle, and felt peace as the smoke curled up around me.

Link to the Daily Ritual for the Challenge.



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