Spiritwork Services

My services are not entertainment. They are religious. When I do readings they tend to be blunt, and I try to give you as much information as I can in regards to the question or subject of the reading. If you decide to ask me for spiritual help, understand that I am acting as a conduit between you and the Gods or spirits, and that I have limits as to what I can or will do.
I do require payment in some fashion for the work I do. In most cases, I prefer to do my spiritual work face-to-face, and I request that if you are asking me to travel, you at least help take care of travel expenses and, if needed, room and board. If you are far enough away or are in a bind, I am willing to work with you on other methods of contact, such as Zoom or Skype. Each case is unique, and I ask that you are honest with what you can and cannot afford. That said, according to the strictures laid on me by Odin, I must ask for Gebo, that is, gift-for-a-gift. I am willing to work with you in terms of what your gift is, but I ask that what you offer to me is an equal payment for your request.

A few of the services I offer are:


These can range from simple, 1-3 Rune drawings, to complex readings on where you are in life. My Runes travel with me wherever I go, and they are my preferred medium for readings. However, I am willing to read Tarot or oracles if it is your preference, or better for your situation. I am willing to travel, provided you can cover my expenses for doing so. I prefer face-to-face contact but I am also willing, depending on your location and situation, to do Skype chat for readings. I am also willing to do readings, if none of these options is viable, through email.

My readings are $100, and last at least half an hour to an hour on average.
Please email me at Sarenth@gmail.com if you are interested.


I offer cleansing services whether the cleansing is for yourself, your home, another place, or an object. These may be simple, small rituals, or larger and more detailed, depending on what is needed. A small cleansing ritual may help to clear up small bit of bad luck or clear a home of unwelcome spirits. A more elaborate one may be to completely cleanse a home, or a purification rite.

Please email me at Sarenth@gmail.com, and we can talk about your needs, how to proceed, and the price. The price is determined by the work I need to do, the transportation costs, and costs for any materials that I need to provide for the cleansing.

Spiritwork Consultation

Whether you are encountering spiritual challenges or coming to grips with a personal revelation, I am willing to problem-solve with you and work through it. Please do not confuse this with therapy or psychological counseling; these are areas I am not yet qualified to work. The things confronted in Spiritual Consultation may hit on areas of personal development, personal problems you may be struggling with, or spiritual healing, but they are not substitutes for quality physical and mental health care.

Spiritwork Consultation offers you the chance to work with a spirit to move through personal issues, personal barriers, and a spiritual support for healing. We can work with a willing spirit that I know, or if you would prefer, a spirit that you know and trust to work with. I may use a mixture of shamanic journeying, and/or spiritual communication in my home as the session requires. I will have my Runes on hand for confirmation of questions.
If you want to work with a spirit in Spirit Work Consultation, I will need the following information:

  • Your name, age, and background in as much detail as you can provide.
  • What particular issues, barriers, problems, etc. you would like to work through.
  • What your expectations of this work are.
  • What you would like to come from these sessions.
  • If you are willing to do necessary work to change yourself and the world around you.
  • If you understand this is spiritual, and not psychological or psychiatric counseling.

I would prefer any kind of work like this is done face-to-face, but I am also willing to do Skype for this for special circumstances. I encourage you to do follow-up work after any Spiritual Consultation whether that is meditation, reflecting on the experience with friends, double-checking with a trusted diviner/spiritual consulter, etc.

Writing Rituals for Cleansing, Celebration, Worship, and Memorial

As a spirit worker it is my job to connect people to the Gods and spirits where They will. If you have need of a facilitator, a ritual writer, or even an extra hand for helping people ground, I am willing to help. I have facilitated a healing ceremony for men at ConVocation, have written a memorial for a Northern practitioner, and have been doing a wide variety of other rituals for the last seven years.

What I am Not Offering

I have my own set of ethics, and I will not violate them. Among these ethics are honesty with you. I am not going to lie to you, even if it is something you do not want to hear. If you ask a question, be sure you want to hear the answer.

I have certain strictures placed on me by my Gods, and I will not violate these. I do not expect you to know them, but if I do inform you of them, I request you not ask me to violate them.

I am not offering my services for free. My skills were gained by time, dedication, and hard work. I will not provide services without Gebo, gift-for-a-gift. I am not allowed to do my work for free, but this does not mean that money is the only means to achieve Gebo with me.

I am not a licensed Psychologist, Counselor, Master Herbalist, physical or mental health care professional, etc., and as such, I am not providing any of these as a professional service.

I am not an Ordeal Master, and so, I am not offering Ordeal services.

I am not offering you a way to break free of the need to put your nose to grindstone at times.

I am not asking you to suspend judgment. I find it valuable myself to seek out others’ opinions and encourage you to do the same.

I am not going to ask you to ‘follow me’. If you find yourself drawn to the same or a similar path to what I am on, that is one thing, but I will not ‘convert you’. I may suggest new spiritual practices, such as Ancestor veneration, but your religious life and how you conduct it is your business.

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8 thoughts on “Spiritwork Services

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  2. Hello! My name is Michelle, and we briefly met at ConVocation. My husband Matt (the long haired red-headed guy) tried to make it to your Sunday morning class, but I became ill, so he had to take care of me instead. We wanted to some how find you, and thank you for your teachings! You’re an inspiration to my husband, and he enjoyed speaking with you!


    • Thank you very much Michelle. I hope you feel better and that you had a good time at Con!

      I am glad to hear that he is inspired, and I had a great time talking with him. Good luck to you both!


    • Given the oaths I am under and work I am doing right now, I cannot do divination for others at the moment. I am sorry. I will post when I am able to do these things again.


  3. I do so appreciate your list of “I do”. The one that caught my attention was the one about not releasing people from their obligation to put their noses to the grindstone. I too find in my practice that some folks come to me for a magic bullet. I am about co-creating with the person. Thank you for your honesty. I would like to follow your blog.

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