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$3 per month.

The basic supporter level.
Fehu, meaning cattle and so, mobile wealth, allows for me to do my work. You will have access to my content here on the Patreon, including Patreon-only blog posts and responses to questions and feedback. If we hit the $500 a month goal then I will produce videos that every Patreon subscriber will have access to.

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Ansuz, relating to the God Óðinn, breath, and communication.
Contributors at this level get more access to communication with me. As with the other tiers you will have access to my content here on the Patreon, the ability to contribute topic ideas to this blog. Ansuz’s unique tier benefit is now you can commission a sacred prayer, poem or song for a God, Goddess, Ancestor, or spirit.

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Gebo means ‘gift’, and so, the Rune of gipt fa gipt, gift for as gift: reciprocity.
Patrons at this tier have access to the previous tiers’ rewards.
In the spirit of reciprocity Patrons at the Gebo tier will have the ability to set up a Zoom call with me for an hour long session once a month for divination, spiritual consultation, or to explore a topic relevant to my blogs or spiritual work.

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