New Episodes of The Jaguar and the Owl: #HonoringtheAncestors

Hey folks, there’s two new episodes up for the month of October for the Jaguar and the Owl, a podcast I co-host with my good friend Jim.

Episode 28

James interviews Dawn Dancing Otter, founder and admin for The Shamanic Community, a Facebook page dedicated to shamanism worldwide which has over 27 thousand members!

This episode explores her coming into shamanism, visiting the land of her Ancestors, and the challenges she has faced with organizing and moderating this large forum.

Episode 29

James and Sarenth talk about dreams and more.

This latest episode brings something forward that we got hit with on the spot.  Rather than just celebrate Samhain, Winternights, Álfablót, etc. we invite folks to bring to Twitter and social media in general posts about your Ancestors, whether it is Ancestors of blood, adoption, spirit, what-have-you.  It is #HonoringtheAncestors.  For anyone who does a post for the Ancestors like this, link us back in the comment section of Episode 29.  I will be putting together another post to start us off.  You can follow me @Sarenth on Twitter.

One thought on “New Episodes of The Jaguar and the Owl: #HonoringtheAncestors

  1. Excellent show! Thanks for the shout-out, and for doing your best to get my pronouns correct! 😉

    I might have to write my next “Speaking of Syncretism” column on your final question on this latest show, i.e. how to tell the difference between the spirit of the grave-stone and the spirit of the dead person, etc. This is something that comes up in various traditions, but isn’t exactly spelled out…you mentioned the Germanic difficulty with distinguishing landvaettir and ancestors, and Irish tradition likewise has this. As I was communicating with you in e-mail a while back, there’s also the Greek stuff with this, in terms of the keres and the dead person; but, Edward Butler has also recently mentioned how it is that certain heroines in Greek myth become particularly tied to places, and that they end up becoming somewhat similar to nymphs, etc. It kind of begs the wider question as well whether local heroes are, in fact, ancestors, land/place-spirits, or both…and, it becomes even a more fraught question when you bring in Antinous, who is called a hero in some places, a god in others, a daimon on one occasion, and at Antinoöpolis, he’d kind of all three PLUS the city’s tutelary-spirit as well. Crikey…!?!

    In any case, excellent job! 😉


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