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Prayers to the Landvaettir

My thanks to Ryan on Galina’s post, A Bit of a Prayer-Card Conundrum.  You inspired me to write these.

Landvaettir Prayer 1

Hail to the land beneath me

The soil, insects, and Dead

Hail to the land around me

The ground, the plants, the animals

Hail to the land sustaining me

The food, water, and home

Hail Landvaettir!

Landvaettir Prayer 2

Praise to the vaettir of stone and soil

of bird and insect

of animal and tree

Praise to the vaettir of the foundation and house

of concrete and wood

of metal and glass

Praise to the vaettir of field and farm

of cattle and crop

of food and fertilizer

Praise to the landvaettir

of home and hearth

of roads and rails

Landvaettir Prayer 3

Sweet land that cradles the Dead

That gifts the food and carries the water

Sweet land that offers us home

That gifts the comfort and keeps the warmth

Sweet land that ties us together

That gifts the connection and clasps the Wyrd

Sweet land that builds the home

That gifts the ground and crafts the wells

Sweet land that blesses us all

That gifts the life and consumes the worn

We thank you

We thank you

We thank you

This last line can also be used as a refrain in between each verse.

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  1. August 10, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Beautiful as usual…thank you for sharing!

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