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April 26, 2016 5 comments

The road rushes past

My cigar glows in my hand

The rainvaettir come down, a billion upon billion rattling dancers

The road, the car, all full of the sound of Their feet


The road rushes past and I see it

The first lightning bolt of the season here

Arc through the sky, behind the clouds

A silhouetted dancer

Whose drumming partner pounds and the sky shakes


Tendrils of smoke out the window and up to you all

The Thunderbird People

The rainvaettir

The stormvaettir

The Jotuns of storms

The Spirit of Storms




I call to you and say your names as Midgard fills with stomps with billions of feet

As the skies split with the fury of dancers and beating of wings

As the wind shakes and the clouds let loose the crowds

As the drumming thunderers crash and clash

The Worlds are alive and here

The Worlds are alive and there

and I am thankful to bear witness

Smoking to Them

January 29, 2014 Leave a comment

The smoke rises from the little pipe

Whirling in the frosted air

I can feel a million bodies shuffle around me

Those long-Dead so near

I can feel two million eyes

Maybe more

Look to me, into me

I will be among Them some day

but for now

I smoke to Them

It is simple

Little puffs into great billows of smoke

but it is good

to live in Gebo

with one’s long-Dead kin

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