To Those Who Share My Life

Thank You

For patience in my anger

Thank You

For making me take it easy when I least want to

Thank You

For reminding me that caring for the holy includes myself, my body, a part of my own soul

Thank You

For support and comfort, care and compassion when I have had it least for myself

Thank You

For determination and strength to draw on when I was weak

Thank You

For generosity and courage when I was in despair

Thank You

For being there when I wanted no one, but needed companionship

Thank You

For all these things and more,

For Gebo between us

For those who share my life

The Gods

The Disir, the Väter, the Ancestors all

The landvaettir, the housevaettir, and the vaettir of this world

The Warrior Dead, the Military Dead, the Queer Dead, the Trans* Dead, and all the Dead who I have come to, and Who have come to me

Tribe and family of blood, lineage, choice, and adoption

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You

Opening the Ways

His staff gently opens the mouth

The soul is slow, at first


Organs lying safe in care

Sons of Horus sealed tight


The corpse lies freshly wrapped

The spells like warm blankets


Painstaking work culminating

A home rises in the Duat


The servants appear, ever-faithful

Beloved ones ready


The Hall yawns open

Anubis stands, His hand upon it


The soul who had been so great

Shivers at first


Yinepu says nothing

The soul and his people enter


He goes before them, braziers alight

Incense to the Gods, sweet and holy


Wings splayed, She awaits them

Constant force of all in life


The scales in perfect balance

She invites Him to take a feather


He takes up the heart, gentle

Her Feather softly down


The heart waits; no worry

The feather presses


The Way is Open in the Hall

The Doors groan with weight


Small steps forward

The New Life beckons eager