To My Ancestors

I can hear your songs in my bones
Shaking through the centuries

You rattle around my neck
The ox-bone bouncing on my breast

You slide through my fingers
I softly whisper words

You answer my prayers
I live, love, and learn

You shape me each day
Your sure hands, stern hands, skilled hands

Ancestors who shape the Ancestors to come
With wit and will, wisdom and worth

Praise to You Who dwell deep
In blood and bone, spirit, song, and soul

Sigyn Project: Day 28

Hail Sigyn!

You Who carry so much

You Who care so deep

You Who fight till victory is Yours

You Who stands where others fall

You Who is resolute where others crumble

You Who Witnesses

You Who Listens

You Who Blesses

You Who teaches us Compassion

You Who teaches us Duty

You Who teaches us Strength

You Who teaches us Will

You Who teaches us Courage

You Who teaches us Motherhood

You Who teaches us Sacrifice

You Who teaches us Worthiness

You Who teaches us Worth

You Who teaches us to Appreciate

You Who teaches us to Love

Thank You, Holy Lady

for letting me do this

For giving me a month to honor You

For giving me a month to know You better

For giving me a month to focus and learn and listen

Hail to You!

Hail to You Holy Sigyn!

May You always be hailed!

Loki Project Day 18

Will You remember

When I hailed my Father

I hailed You?

Will You remember

When my bones lie

Beneath the Tree

The life I led?


Will You remember

My words, my Work

The honor I tried to live my life by?

When this world forgets me

Will You remember me?


How I asked Your Wife

If I could hold the bowl

And within moment my arms shook

With its weight?


How I looked upon You

In the cave so tightly bound

Arms shaking with the bowl

But could not release You from Your pain?


How, when I was brought low

You did not burn me, despite Your righteous anger

But saw something in me I did not

And set light to a new path?


I pray You remember me

That the memories are fond

That my words, my Work, my path

Honored You

That I am worthy,

When the memories of my life have all but guttered

Of a single ember

In Your memory