Prayers for the Harmed and Murdered of Orlando, FL

May Eir and Mengloth bless those in harm’s way

May the healers be careful, skilled, and compassionate


May Thor protect those in harm’s way

May the communities be safe from harm, secured by His Hammer


May Loki, Angrboda, and Sigyn bring laughter, protection, and perseverance

May mirth, solidarity, and determination lift up those harmed and grieving in this tragedy


May Tyr and Forseti bring justice to the Dead, to the families, to all those harmed

May justice be done, lawful and swift


May Freyr, Gerda, and Freya bring Their love, sensuality, and vitality

May we celebrate ourselves together, and with Them, stand by those we love


May Odin and Frigga bring wisdom to the leaders

May action be guided by wisdom, may work be guided by insight


May Hela take up the Dead

May She bring Them comfort and care


May the Landvaettir be heard

May They, too, have justice, and may Their needs be met


May The Dead hear the calls of Their loved ones

May They know They are remembered, and may those They left behind be comforted


May the newly-Dead be long-remembered

May They be remembered for more than Their deaths; may Their lives be remembered well




Sigyn Project: Day 1

The palms of Your Hands

are eaten by venom

Your beautiful Hair 

is disheveled and wild

Your Eyes strain

with Your husband’s visage

Your Feet blister

under the abusive rocks

Your Heart loves

despite pain and loss


Oh Holy Lady!


Oh Aesir, do You see Her?

Her Heart as torn as Her sons?

Oh Vanir, do You see Her?

Her Love bound fast, envenomed? 

Oh Jotun, do You see Her?

Her steadfast devotion?

Oh landvaettir, do You see Her?

Deep within She yet honors You, removing the venom.

Oh spirits, do You see her?

She Who graces all who see Her, or Who She gives gaze to?

Oh Humanity, do You see Her?

We could only hope to love so much, to be so dedicated, to be so holy!

Hail to Her, sacred woman, She Who Will Not be Moved!

Hail to Her, loyal Goddess, powerful Goddess, the Lady of the Staying Power!

Hail to Her, wherever you are, and witness Her tragedies!

Hail to Her, wherever you are, and marvel! Witness Her indomitable strength!

Hail Sigyn!