Patreon Song/Poem/Prayer 17 -For Thunor

If you want to submit a request for a prayer, poem, or song to be written to you privately or to be posted on this blog or my Patreon for a God, Ancestor, or spirit, sign up for the Ansuz and above level here on my Patreon. This prayer was requested from Fen for Thunor.

The warm arms of a loving husband

The gentle hands of a devoted father

The steel resolve of a people’s protector

The molten rage of a vengeful fighter

The gentle mist of rain

The blazing path of lightning

The furor of thunder

The swing of a mighty hammer

The blow well-struck

The bright grin of a beloved beer

The hidden wisdom behind brawn

The lover of laughter

The union of Earth and Sky

Hail, hail, hail Thunor!