Sigyn Project: Day 12

Another older poem I wrote to Sigyn and Loki.  This is one I do not believe I have ever posted, and I offer it to Her.


I do not come to you easy, Lady

I can see the pain in both your eyes

I can hear the song of your son’s blood

I can smell the salt of so many tears

I can feel the slickness of blood and organ

I can taste the grief upon the wind

I cannot own what was done

Yet it makes the trek to you no more easier

I have given offerings of love and joy

To Narvi and Vali

Yet what succor could a mortal offer

To the grief of Gods?

Your husband lies bound

My Father’s order

Your child’s rope holds Him fast

My Father’s order

What would my words of sorrow mean

Bent to the ear of such pain?

What could my offerings help

The wrath of tormented Gods?

That I could lift the bowl

To steal a moment of labour and pain

That I could snatch the bonds

That I could comfort

That I could relieve a moment of pain

Though I am just a mortal

I think of you and seek

A moment of respite for you

For all the tragedies you’ve known

For all the misery of loneliness

For all the years of pained capture

I hope all the same

This mortal’s words

This mortal’s prayer

Brings some small comfort

In the dimming hours

Loki Project Day 10

A pyre burns in a far-off place

I have no tears to shed

My Jotun-children are fettered

And my Asa-children dead

My wife grieves here by my side

In chill of the gloomy cave

The last gift drips down on my face, the one that Skadi gave

It burns within the wooden bowl

The venom dark and grim

For eternities the dripping scolds

Upon my flaming skin

Each time my love takes the bowl

To throw it all outside

My pain is said to shake Midgard whole

Until the time is right

I will cast aside my bonds broken in my rage

For all the death and suffering

Upon my children made