AGF 89 – The Year of Aun

Summary Rune Hjárnø Rasmussen and Jósúa Hróðgeir Rood join us to talk about their project to revive the Year of Aun in 2023, a once every eight years cycle of extra renewal and celebration that was once a legal requirement of ancient Norse practice! It has a mythic story of good vs. bad action, and […]

AGF 89 – The Year of Aun

Post-Festival Rune Divination Deal

Heya folks. Now that I am recovered from Michigan Paganfest for the next two weeks my post-Paganfest rate is going to be $50 a reading.

(Note: If you cannot pay it all at once I am willing to take increments with $25 up front).

These can range from simple, 1-3 Rune drawings, to complex readings on where you are in life. My Runes travel with me wherever I go, and they are my preferred medium for readings. However, I am willing to read Tarot or oracles if it is your preference, or better for your situation. I am willing to travel, provided you can cover my expenses for doing so. I prefer face-to-face contact but I am also willing, depending on your location and situation, to do Skype chat or email for readings. I am also willing to do readings, if none of these options is viable, through email.

Please email me at if you are interested.

The #DoMagick Challenge -Daily Ritual for the Challenge

I saw this first through a friend of mine’s blog.  Given the call I have been feeling to get back to doing my own regular Rune work, the success of the I took in 2013, and the usefulness of a structure like this, I will be taking this opportunity to go for it.

I will be doing galdr for the month of December, working through each of the Elder Futhark Runes, and sitting with Them in meditative space for up to 30 minutes or more each day from December 1st through January 1st.  The purpose of this is to connect with each Rune deeply, deepening my connection and relationship with each Rune over the course of this work continuing into the future.

Given that there are only 24 Runes, after all the Runes have been gone through I will galdr each Ætt (translated as family/extended family) which are what the Runes are usually divided the Runes into, for 6 days.  For the final day I will galdr all of the Runes and sit in meditation with Them.

What my typical set up will be this:

Background Music: Wardruna or Heilung if it feels useful/appropriate.

Step 1:  Recaning (smoke cleansing), or water cleansing with Großmutter Una (Grandmother Mugwort), and/or cleansing by galdr with Ansuz.

If doing a recaning: First, a prayer to the Eldest Ancestor is spoken, thanking Fire for Its gift.  Then, a prayer to Großmutter Una is spoken, thanking Her for cleansing me.
The prayer may go something like this: “Hail Großmutter Una, Eldest of Herbs, Who cleanses and purifies!  Please, Großmutter, cleanse me and help me to be ready for the work ahead!”

Ideally the Sacred Fire is made with a match or older method of making fire, but a lighter will do fine if that is what one has.
The Fire Prayer I use is this:  “Hail Sons and Daughters of Muspelheim!  Hail Fire Itself!  Hail Loki!  Hail Glut!  Hail Logi!  Hail Surt!  Hail Sinmora!  Hail Eldest Ancestor!  Ves ðu heil!”

Once lit, the smoke is then inhaled at least three times if being smoked and blown over parts of the body until the whole self is cleansed.  If the smoke is made in a bowl or some other apparatus, the smoke is passed over the whole body or, if it is safe, set down between the feet and the smoke washes up over the body.

If doing a water cleansing with Großmutter Una: She is thanked as before, as is the Elder Ancestor water for carrying Her cleansing power and for Its own power in helping to cleanse oneself.
The prayer for Water the Elder Ancestor may go something like this: “Hail Water, Elder Ancestor!  Thank You for carrying Großmutter Una’s blessing.  Thank You for cleansing me and making me ready for the work ahead.”
The top of the head, the limbs, the back of the neck and head, and the small of the back are usually enough for a water cleansing.

If doing galdr with Ansuz:  A prayer of thanks is made to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir for Their connection, and to Ansuz for cleansing.
The prayer may go something like this: “Hail Rúnatýr!  Hail Runevaettir!  Thank you for preparing me for the work ahead!  Ves ðu heil!”
Ansuz is then addressed: “Hail Ansuz!  Thank you for cleansing me within and without!  Ves ðu heil!”
The Rune is galdred 3 times at least.

Step 2:  When cleansing is complete, a prayer is made to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir for connection with me.

The prayer goes something like:
“Hail Rúnatýr! Hail Runevaettir!  Thank you for connecting with me, for deepening my connection with the Runes!  Ves ðu heil!”

Step 3:  Galdr the Rune of the day.

Step 4:  Continue galdring and/or sit with the Rune in meditative space.

Step 4:  Prayer to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir thanking Them for connecting with me.

Step 5:  Recaning or water cleansing with Großmutter Una, and/or galdr cleansing with Ansuz.

A note on this work:
Once a week I offer blood to the Runes. This is Gebo not only for this work, but for the work we have ongoing.

Anyone engaging at this depth with the Runes should have an established understanding and relationship with Them.  Note that my view of the Runes is that They are vaettir, spirits unto Themselves, and anyone looking to do this work would be well-advised to both research academic articles and books, as well as working through the books Runes: Theory and Practice and Taking Up the Runes.

This post will be linked to at the end of each journal day for this challenge so it can be referenced for the steps I am taking each day.


ConVocation 2016

Hey folks, I have been asked to do several presentations at this year’s ConVocation.   When I know which rooms I will be presenting in, I will update this blog post.  I am really, really excited for this year’s offerings that were picked.

For those who do not know, ConVocation is:

…a convention of the many mystical spiritual paths and faiths and the people that follow them who desire to teach each other and promote fellowship among all esoteric traditions.
Since 1995, this 4-day event has brought together over 100 classes and rituals presented by local instructors, internationally renowned guest speakers and authors. Along with workshops, ConVocation offers over 35 tables of merchandise in our Merchant Room, an Art Show and the largest indoor Drum Circle in the Midwest.
This year I will be putting on three workshops:


Acts of Devotion –  Thursday 8:30pm – 90 minutes

Description:In this workshop and discussion we will explore ways to honor our Gods, Ancestors, and spirits. These ways can be small, such as daily prayer, offerings, everyday mindfulness, and keeping ourselves healthy and engaged in the world, to more intense ways such as learning crafts, writing books, engaging in activism, spiritual work, and making temples. Bring your own experiences to share.

Polytheism 101 –  Friday 4:00pm – 90 minutes

Description:This lecture/discussion will dig into the basics of what polytheism means, and how it is lived. We will be exploring how we can use literary and archaeological resources as springboards and foundations to polytheist traditions. We will also explore what the Gods, Ancestors, and spirits are, how we relate to Them as polytheists, and how to engage Them with respect.

Encountering the Runes –  Sunday 12:00pm – 90 minutes

Description:The Runes are often looked at as simply a divination tool. This workshop is about approaching the Runes as spirits in and of themselves. The workshop explores what the lore can tell us about Them, to how to interact with Them, to appropriate offerings and communication, and will delve into deeper aspects of Runework from a spirit-based approach.

Thoughts on My Spirit-Horse Partner and Ehwaz

When I first met my spirit-horse, the one who travels with me through my drum, or who allows me to ride him in spirit, I was intimidated.  I knew that many spiritual traditions had spiritual horses that took them where they needed to go, and that alone made me uneasy.  I didn’t want to ‘gib’ other traditions’ practices.  When Odin introduced us that quickly fell away.  I felt an instant connection to the spirit-horse (he has asked me not to write his name) and he all but swept me onto his back, and away we went.  He made it clear we were to work together as partners, that though I rode him and occasionally directed him, that I had to put my utter trust in him in kind.  It was, at first, quite intimidating.  Over time it has become easier.  Where I once mounted him with worry or low confidence, I now slide on and we go.  Drumming-wise, it only takes a few strums until I am ‘down‘ and we are gone.  It used to take me about fifteen minutes to half an hour to get that far down.  I have only ridden horses on trails in my adult life, so riding through the Worlds at a full gallop took some getting used to.  I can only imagine what the drumming sounded like, as ‘gone’ as I tend to be when that happens.

I’ve read a post by Kenaz Filan, Jalkr TempleKeeper, and Galina Krasskove on Ehwaz and horses today, and that is how I got the push to start this article.  In my own experience,  is the Rune of Fast Travel, a Journey Rune (usually short, though that depends on other Runes that may be around it), speed, virility, and natural grace and power.  My spirit-horse has me use it as a kind of signal, especially if I need to be away from a place quickly.  As a spirit, the Rune seems very horse-like to me, perhaps like a stallion or matriarch of a herd.  It’s a Rune that communicates leadership and confidence as much as it does swiftness, resilience, endurance, and power.

I’d certainly say that my spirit-horse partner has these same qualities, but he has a kind of gentleness or patience about him that I don’t feel as much from the Rune.  I’m thankful for it; he had a timid partner at first, and I’m sure that was frustrating.  I’ve worked with him for almost a year now, and it is amazing to me how far we’ve come in trust, and how many places we’ve gone.  It’s  a powerful partnership, one I’m happy to have.  In his own way, my companion has pushed me to grow.  Before I accepted my work as a shaman, I was very-much a “go-it-alone I need no help” kind of magician; I was very used to just making my own way.  I’ve had to unlearn a lot of that, and see that while I poured on the armor, spiritually speaking, it was a tremendous waste of energy.  If I just trusted my Gods to have my back, or a spiritual friend, I would not have had to be as keyed-up anywhere near as much, and could have focused on the work I needed to.

I wasted a lot of energy watching my butt and doing continuous cleansing work; some of it was needed for the work I did then.  Most of it was because I didn’t ask for Anubis’ help, nor did I ask for a ridealong partner from any of the totem animals I knew, or spirits I worked with.  I didn’t want to inconvenience, but I also did not want to trust that deep.  I liked the working relationship Anubis and I had, as well as the genial brotherhood relationship, but I took care of my own stuff and that was it.  When Anubis eventually pushed me on to work with Odin (I had it in my head I would be working with the Egyptians the rest of my life), I was taken entirely outside of my comfort zones.  I was placed into a magical and spiritual practice where spiritual alliances, such as with my spirit-horse partner, were part of my path and comprised close bonds where trust was paramount.  Where I had once trust my Gods to watch my back for big things, I now entrusted my Gods with the little things.  I once thought my Gods were too big to care about my problems, big or small to me; it turns out most of Them (though some do have that attitude) just wanted me to trust Them enough to let Them into my life.  The same with my spiritual companions.  My spirit-horse companion follows me most anywhere, and my Gods speak with me on a regular basis.  For me, it was allowing that connection to be, whether at first between Odin and myself, or later with my spirit-horse companion and I, that was the challenge.  It was a lot of working through self-doubt, and especially self-esteem issues (i.e. “My Gods have better things to do than listen to me”, or “I don’t want to be an inconvenience to my spirit allies”), something that  has taken dedicated work and opening to the Gods and spirits that I didn’t do four years ago.

In becoming a Northern Tradition shaman, I have realized that, at least in my path and work, this opening is necessary.  Without it the Gods can’t use my body for communicating with people, spirits can’t get their messages across through me, and the magic of the Runes I have come to know, both in knowing them through Hanging on Yggdrasil, and as spiritual beings, would be reduced.  If I were not spiritually open, I would still be seeing the Runes merely as tools.  A large part of my life that I now lead would be shut to me, and my journey as a shaman would have gone nowhere.  That’s what Ehwaz also speaks to me: trust, implacable trust.  If I do not trust my spirit-horse, I could drum for hours and go nowhere.  If I do not trust my Gods, all the prayers in the world will not matter if I give Them nothing to work with.  If I do not trust my friends and family, how can I say I love them?  Inviting spirits and the Gods into my body requires a large deal of trust.  I have to at least trust that Odin, being my patron, will have my back if the spirit or God/dess begins to do something foolish, illegal or immoral.  I have to trust myself, that I can and will go down far enough for the spirit or God/dess to use my body, and trust that my assistants will support me.  I have to trust that when I mount my spirit-horse, that we work together as one, trusting him to carry me where we need to go.  This has taken healing, but it is healing I sorely needed.  So in a way, becoming a shaman and following this path has healed my heart, psyche, and soul.  It has helped to put me into a better place.  Perhaps they were broken so I could come to this path and find that healing.  Either way, I am here.  The growth has been slow, but very-much worth it.

I should have the entry where Odin introduced us up soon.