The Hunt is On

I hear the hoofbeats hammer

I hear the howling on the wind

I hear the gait of sword, spear, and gun

The Hunt is on

I smell the slathering sweat

I smell the steel in the wound

I smell the breath of God, grave, and snow

The Hunt is on

I see the sky split

I see the spray of blood

I see the wend of Host, heroes, and Sleipnir

The Hunt is on

I taste the tears’ trail

I taste the take of the kill

I taste the marrow of the wicked, warlocks, and traitors

The Hunt is on

I feel the fury flow

I feel the frenzy of the Ride

I feel the call of the vaettir, Valkyries, and Fráriðr

The Hunt is on

The Hunt is on

The Hunt is on

Hail Thunderer

Splitting the sky with forked light

I hear Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr’s hooves

Pattering on the roofs as You ride


The Earth is soaked again

already the little greens are poking up from the ground

enlivened by Your charge


Hail Thunderer

Who splits the sky and shakes the ground

and leaves water in His wake


Hail to You for the summer rains

That feed the crops and soak the ground

Giving us the gifts that we may feed ourselves