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The #DoMagick Challenge Day 4

December 5, 2017 Leave a comment

Ansuz (Wikimedia Commons

Today I did galdr with Ansuz.

As before, I smoked Großmutter Una to cleanse and prepare myself.  Tonight it was a little less chilly than yesterday.  What proved challenging was how blustery it was.  Entirely appropriate for working with this Rune!

When I breathed in after the cleansing and opening prayers, what I felt was cleanness.  Cleanness of breath, a feeling that grew in me as I prepared to galdr.  When I galdred the first three times, my voice was high.  That feeling of clean, of cleansing, washed over me like the wind blowing through my hair.  I felt neither happy nor sad, nothing except this feeling of here and clean as I smoked my pipe and sat in the feeling of Ansuz’s presence.

The second round of galdr brought feelings of the use of voice, to shape and to bend, to work and to do.  My voice had taken on a kind of…golden tone, lacking better terms to describe it.  How the wind blew around the trees to make them dance to wind’s will.  How it blew through me and I could cover myself up from it, block it to some degree, but I was still responding to the wind.  How song could uplift and also destroy, how words could raise a people’s spirits or wreak havoc with a few whispers.

The third round of galdr came from me far more guttural, deep in my throat, vibrating.  Ansuz came from me very bass, commanding, rhythmic, drawing me in.  I swayed with it as I galdred, and I felt my body move with it, and I am sure if I had paper or keyboard nearby I would have wrote, or put my hands to wood and shaped it, to leather and made something.  It was inspiration and it was magic, it was poetry to give form and to shape.

Now generally I stop galdring after three rounds, but Ansuz told me to do a fourth, so I did.  This time I, we swayed and I sang Ansuz’s name using a combination of all the three galdr before it, sometimes rhythmically and other times without, rising and falling in voice, in and out of the guttural galdr.  I danced in place, singing Ansuz, and I ended with sharp cries of Its name, and I felt my voice carry power in it.  When I was done, I felt the meditation ended, and did my closing prayers, and cleansed.

As before, I spent time coming back into normal headspace after cleansing by cleaning out my pipe.  I will be grabbing something to eat and drink, too, to ground a bit more.

Link to the Daily Ritual for the Challenge.


The #DoMagick Challenge Day 3

December 4, 2017 Leave a comment

Thurisaz (Wikimedia Commons)

Today I did galdr with Thurisaz.

As before, I smoked Großmutter Una to cleanse and prepare myself.  I eased into the work despite the cold.  It was definitely a harsher cold than last night.

I breathed deep, and I could feel rising.  Lethality.  Ferocity.  A ferocious lethality.  Not more than animal…something else.  It hooked into a different part of me, I realized later.  Spoke to a wholly different part of me.

When I galdred the first time, it came out of my mouth ferocious, throaty, wild.  I felt thorns around my feet, my legs. I felt something stirring inside me.  When I galdred again, what I felt was not patience.  It was predatory, but more.  It was bloodthirsty.  When I galdred again, I started to chant the Rune in a powerful rhythmic way from my diaphram.

It was utterly interrupted by hiccups.  For awhile I did galdr and the connection to Thurisaz was still there.  I could feel It.  After awhile though, the hiccups were just incorrigible, and I thanked Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir, and did my usual cleansing with Großmutter Una.

Given it is the Full Moon, and a Supermoon at that, I took time to honor Mani.  I made a song up on the spot for Him and sang it to Him.  During the song the hiccups subsided.  When I was finished, I hailed Mani and thought about working with Thurisaz again.  I decided to, and went through my whole preparatory protocol again.

This time I could do the deep chant with Thurisaz.  Not only did I feel that powerful force, the ferocity and bloodthirstiness, the call to something within me, I felt like something was calling back with the utterance of the Rune.  I did three rounds of this chant work, smoking in between, for a total of twenty-seven galdr.  Perseverance, not the patient kind, but the shear cussedness to see something through.  To get through the annoying little things, to deal with thorns, or in my case, the incredibly distracting hiccups, to get to something deeper.  To come back when I was in a better state of body or mind, but not to stop.  As I galdred I realized, in the chant, that I was calling to these qualities at the base of Jötnar, and many Aesir.  It was the bloodthirstiness that killed Ymir, that drives the fury to see what must be done to be done.  To sate ferocity.  To set traps and to drive your enemy before you.  To be completely unbothered with the morality of it, but to do what must be done because that is in your nature.  To rend and tear.  To destroy.  To see things proceed according to one’s power and will to make things proceed.

Powerful indeed…and to think I almost let a bunch of damn hiccups get between myself and deepening my understanding and connection with this Rune!  Thorns can bring you low, hold you fast, make it hard to walk, even make you starve to death if you get caught fast.  The thorns may scratch, tear into flesh, but patience can unhook them.  Bringing the right tool and determination can render them useless before you.  I find it interesting that the same quality that can cause folks to avoid this Rune is deeply part of why I appreciate it.  The sheer cussed ferocity and certainty that “This will happen hell or high water regardless of how I get there.”

As before, I spent time coming back into normal headspace after cleansing by cleaning out my pipe.

Link to the Daily Ritual for the Challenge.


The #DoMagick Challenge -Daily Ritual for the Challenge

December 2, 2017 1 comment

I saw this first through a friend of mine’s blog.  Given the call I have been feeling to get back to doing my own regular Rune work, the success of the I took in 2013, and the usefulness of a structure like this, I will be taking this opportunity to go for it.

I will be doing galdr for the month of December, working through each of the Elder Futhark Runes, and sitting with Them in meditative space for up to 30 minutes or more each day from December 1st through January 1st.  The purpose of this is to connect with each Rune deeply, deepening my connection and relationship with each Rune over the course of this work continuing into the future.

Given that there are only 24 Runes, after all the Runes have been gone through I will galdr each Ætt (translated as family/extended family) which are what the Runes are usually divided the Runes into, for 6 days.  For the final day I will galdr all of the Runes and sit in meditation with Them.

What my typical set up will be this:

Background Music: Wardruna or Heilung if it feels useful/appropriate.

Step 1:  Recaning (smoke cleansing), or water cleansing with Großmutter Una (Grandmother Mugwort), and/or cleansing by galdr with Ansuz.

If doing a recaning: First, a prayer to the Eldest Ancestor is spoken, thanking Fire for Its gift.  Then, a prayer to Großmutter Una is spoken, thanking Her for cleansing me.
The prayer may go something like this: “Hail Großmutter Una, Eldest of Herbs, Who cleanses and purifies!  Please, Großmutter, cleanse me and help me to be ready for the work ahead!”

Ideally the Sacred Fire is made with a match or older method of making fire, but a lighter will do fine if that is what one has.
The Fire Prayer I use is this:  “Hail Sons and Daughters of Muspelheim!  Hail Fire Itself!  Hail Loki!  Hail Glut!  Hail Logi!  Hail Surt!  Hail Sinmora!  Hail Eldest Ancestor!  Ves ðu heil!”

Once lit, the smoke is then inhaled at least three times if being smoked and blown over parts of the body until the whole self is cleansed.  If the smoke is made in a bowl or some other apparatus, the smoke is passed over the whole body or, if it is safe, set down between the feet and the smoke washes up over the body.

If doing a water cleansing with Großmutter Una: She is thanked as before, as is the Elder Ancestor water for carrying Her cleansing power and for Its own power in helping to cleanse oneself.
The prayer for Water the Elder Ancestor may go something like this: “Hail Water, Elder Ancestor!  Thank You for carrying Großmutter Una’s blessing.  Thank You for cleansing me and making me ready for the work ahead.”
The top of the head, the limbs, the back of the neck and head, and the small of the back are usually enough for a water cleansing.

If doing galdr with Ansuz:  A prayer of thanks is made to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir for Their connection, and to Ansuz for cleansing.
The prayer may go something like this: “Hail Rúnatýr!  Hail Runevaettir!  Thank you for preparing me for the work ahead!  Ves ðu heil!”
Ansuz is then addressed: “Hail Ansuz!  Thank you for cleansing me within and without!  Ves ðu heil!”
The Rune is galdred 3 times at least.

Step 2:  When cleansing is complete, a prayer is made to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir for connection with me.

The prayer goes something like:
“Hail Rúnatýr! Hail Runevaettir!  Thank you for connecting with me, for deepening my connection with the Runes!  Ves ðu heil!”

Step 3:  Galdr the Rune of the day.

Step 4:  Continue galdring and/or sit with the Rune in meditative space.

Step 4:  Prayer to Rúnatýr and the Runevaettir thanking Them for connecting with me.

Step 5:  Recaning or water cleansing with Großmutter Una, and/or galdr cleansing with Ansuz.

A note on this work:
Once a week I offer blood to the Runes. This is Gebo not only for this work, but for the work we have ongoing.

Anyone engaging at this depth with the Runes should have an established understanding and relationship with Them.  Note that my view of the Runes is that They are vaettir, spirits unto Themselves, and anyone looking to do this work would be well-advised to both research academic articles and books, as well as working through the books Runes: Theory and Practice and Taking Up the Runes.

This post will be linked to at the end of each journal day for this challenge so it can be referenced for the steps I am taking each day.


And when the shoe is on the other foot?

August 29, 2016 21 comments

I saw this post on Galina Krasskova’s blog that she linked to from her blog. Note, she did not write this and is, in fact quite appalled by it which is why she shared it to begin with.

It reads like a declaration of war. Nothing quite so put together as the WWI German declaration of war on Russia, nor of France or England’s on Germany. This is what a fatwa from a radical Islamic cleric looks like dressed up in leftist clothing. This is what a Joel’s Army or a New Apostolic Reformation missive looks like dressed up in leftist clothing.

Saying “I’m not advocating starting fights, but I am telling you to be prepared to finish them.” is bullshit. If you are advocating going to someone’s space and disrupting their rituals, their communities, and/or their lives, you are advocating for starting a fight. If you are laying down a call on people, saying “But if you like to talk the talk of the warrior path, you better start walking the walk as well.” you’re asking for a fight. You do not call on warriors for a reason other than conflict. Keep in mind, though, that if you are calling on warriors you are giving your opponents equal reason to. Adding “Are you gonna stand by and let these assholes commit atrocities and spew hate in the name of your gods?” is a religious call to war. Advocating that folks “don’t play nice” when they do this is a call to guerrilla warfare in the name of the Gods.

1. Speak up. Is there a guy in your local coven, order, lodge, temple, etc. that is openly bigoted? Call him out on it. Put him on the spot. Humiliate him in front of his superiors. Collect receipts, send screenshots and videos of his bullshit to his superiors…send it to those superiors’ superiors. If they do nothing call the whole organization out. Blast it all over the internet. The occult world is small, the backlash will be swift.

When I first read this, the first point actually seemed fairly benign until I really considered it. Let’s say that the bigot you want to target isn’t a guy, not that the gender should matter here. Let’s make this person a woman. Now, you’re advocating for humiliating her in front of her superiors. Collecting receipts, sending screenshots and videos to her superiors. Gosh. This sounds positively threatening. That is because it is. This is advocating for stalking, harassment, theft, and bullying.

2. Trap them. Catch them doing or saying something illegal and record it. Anonymously notify the correct authorities. If he’s racist he’s probably also a raging misogynist, here is a pretty high percent chance he beats women. Bust him for that.

The second point is advocating for people to do the job of the police as well as illegally record another person in violation of their rights.

3. Sabotage. Sabotage everything. Their protests, their social events, their rituals…their relationships. Sabotage them physically, sabotage them magically. Block them at protests. Blast distractingly loud noises in the vicinity of their rituals. Curse them liberally.

If the first two points were advocating for stalking, harassment, and bullying, this is certainly asking for war. It says it right there in black and white: “Sabotage them physically, sabotage them magically.” To <sabotage is to “Deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage”.

Religious warfare is being openly called for. It is being called for physically and it is being called for magically. Calling for the physical and magical sabotage of people is an act of war.

4. Vote with your dollar. When people pulled their financial support from the Atlanta LHP conference via vowing not to go and through speakers dropping out, they were eventually forced to drop Augustus Invictus. That’s the power of peer pressure…and money. Pressure conferences. Pressure publishers. Let them know that they are condoning hate groups. Tell publishers and conferences that you want to see more diversity. Openly support and promote occultists and witches of color.

Boycotting is an old tactic that does not directly threaten the rights or well-being of a person, and can effectively make change. However, rather than simply going right to pressure, I would inform. A festival may have no notion the person they signed up is a widely-known racist, or that the band whose page seemed so cool and edgy and will attract a good crowd are actually a band well-known for its racism. If they refuse to act on the information I would then take the next step and inform others that, yes, you informed the festival or people in question and they are doing nothing with it. That said, negativity is relatively easy. Being positive and openly supporting and promoting folks is not.

If you are voting with your dollar and want more diversity, putting your dollars towards that and encouraging others to do the same would be the way I go for it. Hell, look at how successful GoFundMe and similar campaigns work. Do they shit on other folks, venues, etc. for donation? No, they put forward what they are about, encourage folks to spread the word, and do whatever it is they promised when the call was put out. If you are going to call for diversity follow through on it.

5. Learn a martial art/self-defence. Neo-Nazis are violent, if you are able-bodied consider learning how to defend yourself and your friends. Offer to work security for #BlackLivesMatter and other activist events. Use your power of privilege for good.

Alone, this would be solid advice. In this context? Whether or not Neo-Nazis are violent is not the issue here. The people advocating for these actions are advocating for physical and spiritual sabotage, for war.

6. Get a weapon. Are you mentally stable enough to own a weapon? Do you live in an open-carry state? If so get a weapon. I don’t care if it’s a knife, a bat, a gun, or fucking nunchucks…as long as it’s legal in your state, carry it. Know how to use it. Your enemy does. Neo-Nazis love their guns. I hate guns, but I like not getting shot or raped. If you stand up for what is right it is likely that you will get death threats.

If you stalk, threaten, harass, and steal from people you are more likely to get attacked. If you physically or magically attack people you are likely to get attacked in kind. If you are advocating for people to learn martial arts and/or learn to wield a weapon, you are advocating for people to learn and be prepared to do violence. If you are telling warriors to step up, you are telling people to go to war. Your opposition would be within rights to do the same.

7. Educate the young ones. Kids raised in conservative, fundamentalist households don’t know any better. A teen raised in Asatru is like a teen raised in Christianity, they know no other way…show them. Lead by example. An 18 to 21 year old can still change their worldview. Young minds are malleable and they are the future, change that future for the better if you can.

This point is assuming a lack of education and exposure to other ideas. Assuming that people in conservative, fundamentalist households do not know any better (any better than what?) and assuming a superior stance on the part of one’s self, cause, etc. insults these peoples’ intelligence and ability to reason. If you are starting from the standpoint that your opposition is lacking in intellect or is ignorant of other ways, you have already shut down conversation. They may well know of other ways and actively reject them. This assumption is no different than a conservative fundamentalist person assuming liberals are without morals. This point dismisses all of Asatru as racist.

The assumption that the teenage Asatruar needs to be shown another way, that they need to be led out of their religion and/or their religious community, is poisonous to Asatru and potentially any religious or philosophical movement the would-be leader believes is wrong. It is convert-seeking rather than providing another viewpoint.

It is true that young minds are malleable and that they are the future. There is no guarantee that these would-be leaders from the left can do any better than those on the right. Those who lead poorly can do irreparable harm, especially at a time when young people are already having to deal with a lot of change.

If leftist Pagan and polytheists are advocating or are engaging in harassment, stalking, assaulting, and otherwise attacking the families and/or friends of these teens, how could they possibly appeal to these teens at the same time?

8. Radical organization. Do you have other occulty, witchy, pagany friends who want to help change this mess we’re in? Start a group! Practice all seven of the previously mentioned suggestions that you can, and practice them together. Be secretive, don’t use Facebook to connect. Speak in code. Write notes and burn them. Discuss your plans at secret rendezvous. Form a wolf pack and root out the fascist insects.

I noted above how other points read like guerrilla warfare. So does this.

Let’s put the other shoe on, shall we? When the right posts things like this the general reaction I read from the left is some variation of “See? They’re so afraid of being discovered that they’re going to talk in code and burn notes, meet in secret!” or sarcastic, insulting language. The “form a wolf pack” language would likely be denigrated, as would the “root out the fascist insects” language. It would be called dehumanizing because that is exactly what it is and what it does: it dehumanizes your opponents. When your opposition is no longer human, but now are insects, it is no loss to crush them. When you cast yourselves as wolves and your opponents as vermin or prey, you are just fulfilling the work of being a wolf pack. One of the things that the right gets picked on for a lot is code-switching and code-language or dog whistle tactics. It seems that, so long as you are going after people you have identified as racists, bigots, and fascists, all bets are off.

Keep in mind that you’re supposed to somehow do point 7 while being secretive. <Secret means “Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others” and secretive means “(Of a person or an organization) inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information”. They are advocating educating kids by being examples while also being secretive. To seek to change their worldview in secret. “Young minds are malleable and they are the future, change that future for the better if you can.” followed by “Speak in code. Write notes and burn them. Discuss your plans at secret rendezvous.”

Those notes I made above about guerrilla warfare? Also applicable here. Read those points again:

“2. Trap them.”

“3. Sabotage.”

“5. Learn a martial art/self-defence.”

“6. Get a weapon.”

In point 8: “Form a wolf pack and root out the fascist insects.”

These are calls for war. Be secretive about who you harass, stalk, or assault.

The left has lost the right to bitch about people getting CPLs or taking other steps for protection for “imagined fears” for them. This list of actions being advocated is a reason for anyone who might or does come into the cross-hairs of the Pagan or polytheist left and/or anti-fascists to be prepared to defend themselves physically and magically.

9. Take back the Punk and Metal scene. White supremacists have taken over folk metal and bastardized punk. Make music. Wonderful, witchy, aggressive, anti-fascist music. Be like Doro Pesch and use your music and your heritage to speak out against those committing atrocities in the name of your ancestors. If you don’t make music, support and promote anti-fascist and anti-racist music. Also, use the “anything goes” of the moshpit to get a few punches and kicks into your local skinheads at local shows.

I have no problem with folks making music. Please make music. Speak up and for the things you believe in, and the changes you want to see. Speak out against atrocities, speak out against hate and genocide. Support the music you enjoy if you cannot make it.

A person being a bigot or a racist does not give you license to hit them. I should not have to write that. If you’re going to a local show these people are probably your neighbors. Violence will not show them the error of their ways. Engaging them in dialogue might. Besides, you are also giving license to these guys to beat the hell out of you too using just as underhanded tactics. It puts to lie the author’s assertion “”I’m not advocating starting fights, but I am telling you to be prepared to finish them.” The people you target no longer have a reason to hold back; you’re clearly threatening to hurt them and those in their communities.

10. Take care of yourself. Fighting the good fight is emotionally and physically exhausting, and can even put you in physical danger. Do what you need to to keep yourself healthy and safe.

If you do these things you are putting yourself and anyone who joins you in danger. If you do these things you are intentionally instigating conflict, and enacting religious war upon other people. If you really mean what you say, then you are not just a danger to the racists and the bigots. You are a danger to anyone you label an enemy.

Let me be thoroughly clear to anyone who supports these things: what you want and what you are prepared to do is advocate for and fight in a religious war. You are calling for you and yours to engage in religious warfare. You are putting an absolute line in the sand with blood and souls.

Be sure this is a war you want. Be sure this is a war you are willing to do what you must to win. Be sure this is a war you can win.

The Telling of Stories, the Singing of Songs

April 14, 2016 Leave a comment

Trying to grasp the ineffable

With fumbling hands and tongue

Reaching, stretching, trying

To bring the mind to order

The soul-deep to expression

The innermost understanding to bare expression

Stripped of majesty, shorn of glory

Dirt lying on the tongue, begging for water


O, the skin is dry!


Fill me, let me give water or wine

Give me words, give me words, give me words!

To express, to adulate, to bring You closer

To bring some part of You near

To drink and quench my thirst

To give and quench others’ thirst

To speak and share the stories

To create again and again

with each telling

The Worlds, Your births, Your deaths

Create and destroy and inspire and sacralize

Break and build and love and lose

Enliven and ensoul and enshrine and edify

Fill and free and craft and cleave


Let a billion tongues be sated by the waters of Your stories

a billion throats raised in song and word

a billion eyes enthralled by plays and stories

a billion ears entranced by hymns and teachings

For all Your stories and songs are precious

and all are the teachings tellings in their turn

holy, powerful, sacred


Let them be told and told again

Let them be sung and sung again

Passed on and on

That even those without an ear for music or a tongue for tales

may know You each in their own turn

and pass on in their way this knowing


A Tribute to Blackstar

January 13, 2016 4 comments

I had just ran into David Bowie’s music full stop last week. I’d heard him sing in Labyrinth, but nothing from any of his albums. Blackstar and Lazarus hit me over the fucking head, and it was like…echoes from Odin. So I went back and forth on writing something for him. Then, I read Sannion and Galina were going to go to SoHo to lay down offerings for him.

I finally just broke down, sat down and wrote this for Blackstar. I hope he enjoys this and it is a worthy tribute.  I have made a recording of it here.

I know not if Runes had touched your tongue;
If you had drunk from Suttung’s well
But I know that I felt sadness
When the elder Blackstar fell

I know not if Bragi blessed you
With a voice of silk or gold
For I saw you in your end
In Olmen burning bold

I know not if Odin blessed you
With wisdom deep and harsh
But I know my soul was touched
By the darkness of Blackstar

I know not if Loki blessed you
With shifting form and face
But I know you touched the generations
With what you shared in grace

I know not what you saw
In your button cloth-bound eyes
But I know Who you recalled to me
The God known as Twice Blind

I know not what you were
Priest, prophet, saint, or star
But I know you shaped whenever you were
By being who you are

I know not what you are
Apotheosis ascended or inspiration in the Earth
But I know your mark was made
Before I knew my breath or birth

I know not what you will be
A God? A Guide?  A Guest?
But I know you will be welcome whenever
At altar, stage, and desk

I know not if you would know me
In Helheim walking well
But I thank you for sharing, anyway
With all of us, your spells

Stumbling for Words

October 24, 2012 7 comments

There are times where I write poetry to grasp the Gods, the spirits, the Ancestors.  When I reach for words to grasp at the ineffable, that which is, to quote a favorite song of mine, “Beyond the Invisible“.  Sometimes there is a feeling in prayer or meditation where I can feel my Gods in a feeling beyond feeling.  Sometimes when I smoke a cigarette to the Ancestors (the only time I smoke), or especially a cigar, I can hear Them, in a way that words do not have words for.  It is more than just ‘They are here’; there is communication on some level, more often levels, that occurs when They make Themselves this known to me and I am paying attention.

Feelings can rush up; images, smells, tastes, sounds, snippets of songs, or a phrase, a word, a sensation of being touched or hugged or the feeling of embarrassment or joy that fills me head to toe.  Sometimes it is an urge, or a deep-down compulsion to dance.  So many words that fail to capture a moment of being in the Presence of a God or Goddess, the Ancestors, the spirits.

Sometimes there is a great emptiness.  Sometimes the Gods are not here, and I wish They were, more than anything.  Sometimes there is a deep aching for that connection that I am denied.  I recognize that this is so, at times, because what I am craving is not so much the connection itself, but that feeling of reassurance or that feeling of  alleviation of insecurity.  Other times the Gods are doing something; They are Gods, and have Their respective things to do, whether one believes that the Gods control or are related to certain aspects of our lives (i.e. Frigga weaving Wyrd, Freyr helping the wild plants to grow, Gerda helping the plants in gardens to grow, etc.) or do things besides (i.e. Odin wandering the Worlds gaining wisdom).

I find that the Ancestors tend to be with me all the time, in some fashion or another.  There’s a lot of Them, after all!  Once I began engagement with Them, especially through regular engagement at my Ancestor altar and my necklace, I could feel Their Presence in some fashion or another.  A big part of everyday engagement with Them is through a necklace I wear made out of bone fashioned into a human skulls.  I use it in prayer, and as a focus throughout the day, a physical reminder.  This necklace is also a physical manifestation of my Ancestors.  What does Their Presence feel like?  Sometimes a warmth that has nothing to do with the environment, others, a feeling of familial love, a touch on the shoulder, a harmonica (particularly if Great-Grandpa is around), and others times just a knowing that They are there.  Sometimes They are the statue on my altar, the necklace around my neck, a guiding voice.  Sometimes words simply fail to convey.

This is why, at times, when someone asks me “How do I know if a Goddess is near?” or “How will I know if the Ancestors are with me at prayer?” I can only suggest and say so much.  Language reaches its limit, as do my experiences.  I’m not the do-all, end-all of anything.  I am a being, a being with a human’s world, limitations, and experiences, and I am just one person.  I am bound by physical laws in this world, same as any other.  Sometimes I get things right on the nose, and sometimes I get things horribly wrong.  I am beholden to Wyrd; I work, I pay taxes, and one day I will die.  My hope is that somehow my words, my actions, my life, helps someone else to be more than they were, to leave this world better than it has been in my time within it.

Despite the limitations of words I still try to capture what I feel, how I envision the Gods, Ancestors, etc. with words.  The Ancestor Anthology is coming together, and there are so many words not my own, words that may be someone’s key to unlocking a deeper relationship with the Ancestors.  Words that I may never have thought to string together, experiences I have never had, rituals I have never been part of, and so much I have not done.  This is the beauty and power of coming together, of crafting books together, of making music and art and ritual.  We may never fully capture our Gods, Ancestors, or spirits  in songs, paintings, or words in a ritual or text, but we can provide touchstones and open doors with them.

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