Meeting in the Sky

Daeg heralds Your coming

the Earth yet too warm

the Frost held at bay

Hail Sunna Sun-rider!


Nött’s exit is subtle

Yet full and free

You dance pale in the sky

Hail Mani Moon-rider!


I see You wave across the sky

Chariots pulled by horse and hound

One to the other, saluting in silence

The morning chill warmed by love

A Simple Morning Prayer with my Son

There are plenty of ways to bring the Gods into our everyday life.  When my son and I wait for the bus we say a morning prayer.  It’s short, simple, and direct: we thank Sunna for the Sun’s light that it provides for the new day, and sometimes our warmth and/or the growth of our food, and Daeg for a new day.

First we face the East.

This is the prayer:

“Hail Sunna, Goddess of the Sun.

Hail Daeg, God of the Day.

Thank you for a new day.

Thank you for a fresh start.

Thank you, Sunna, for the warmth of the Sun.

Thank you, Daeg, for the promise of a new beginning.

Hail Sunna!  Hail Daeg!

Blessed be, and ves ðu heil!”

Then we salute with our hands pressed together at our forehead, and then bowing, with our hands over our hearts and/or solar plexus.  That’s it.  Well, we might play or tease each other, but it is a good way to get our day started.  Even if we both had a rotten morning we tend to feel a bit better if not refreshed.  He goes off to school with a prayer on his lips and primed for a good day.  I get to see my son off on the bus, and wave to him as he leaves, going to the same school I once did.  The blessings of the Gods are many, and the joy of seeing him off smiling is one I treasure.