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She Sees

October 9, 2012 1 comment

She sees the bloodlines run

The Tree dripping down

Roots housing the Holy Dead

Branches and Leaves the Holy Gods

The Living betwixt the two


She sees the paths our Old Ones walked

Jormungund ringing around us

The waters braved

The lands explored

The Trunk wide and strong


She sees the bloodlines

Before and after

When Fire and Ice met

The Sapling growing tall

In the midst of Gap


She sees the Gods

The Allfather’s Breath rise on the Trees

His Brothers’ gifts

The Gods’ embrace

Holiness in humanity


She knows the ways

The Disir, the Vater

Ancestors great and small

Those whose names skalds recount

and those who are Nidhogg’s dinner


She carries the knowledge

The Rings of the Tree

Wrinkles in Her Mind

Sharper than a field of swords

Full as Yggdrasil

A Prayer for the Aurora, Colorado Dead

July 22, 2012 Leave a comment

May we know healing in this time of grief

Frigga, please, let us know comfort


May we judge in wisdom and see truth

Odin, please, give us insight


May we remember the names, for in remembrance these people live on

Hyndla, please, help us to remember


May we well mark their passage from this world

Hel, please, receive them well


May the victims know rest

Jörð, please, give them rest


May we know justice for the families and victims

Tyr, please, bring us justice


May we all be able to laugh again

Loki, please, help us find joy


May all those who feel this loss be given strength

Sigyn, please, help us bear this venom



May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I have seen the lines of red

Running back rivers and streams

Oceans parting

I have seen the threads

Twisting, threading, knotting

Rent and repaired

I have seen the foulest deeds

Murder and rape and desecration

Sullied souls

I have seen the gentlest hands

Healing and relief and release

Loving souls

I have seen the brutish lives

Starvation and need and pain

Weeping souls

I have seen the brave stands

Defiance and hope and declaration

Great souls

I have seen the spiritworkers

Sacrifice and work and toil

Working souls

I have seen the crafters’ end

Thought and experiments and care

Productive souls

I have seen the downtrodden

Slavery and rape and murders

Screaming souls

I have seen the lines

I have heard the names

I have felt the threads

I know the blood that sings in your veins

I know the soul’s journey to your flesh’s home

I know where you come from

I know your mother

I know your father

I know your grandfather

I know you grandmother

I know your Ancestors

I know who you are

All the things that make you, down through the generations

I hold you in my hands

And know you

And all that has made you

Whispers from your blood

Sings from your soul

Shows me the tapestry of you

In the threads of your Wyrd

I see You

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