Thank You

Thank you to the first responders, to the many, many unsung heroes who were there pulling people from rubble, comforting the grieving, seeking the lost. Thank you to those who took care of the Dead, and in that duty, the living. Thank you to all who signed up, gave, did, and worked to make this world a better place in the face of horror. Thank you to all who still do so, in all their ways. Hail to you.

Hail to the Dead

Hail to the Dead who walk under my feet

To fungus and plant, animal and insect

Hail to the Dead who walk with me

To Elements and Gods, Disir and Väter

Hail to the Dead who walk over my head

To stars and skies, Þjazi’s Eyes watching

Hail to the Dead who gird the Worlds

To Ymir’s corpse, and Helheim’s hosts

Hail to the Dead all around

From highest ground to deepest grave

From burial mound and mountain high

From ash and bone, blood and soul

Hail to the Holy Dead

Prayer to the Sacred Fire

First the little slivers, the curled pieces like shaved corkscrews

Next the twigs, dry, snapping with a pop

Now bigger, like wrists cut from arms

Now whole arms and legs

An offering of sacred herbs, a whisper of prayers

Kneeling before the eldest Ancestor not yet arrived

Prayers tumble down, and then the sparks

Striking steel on flint again and again

A little fire alights

Then eats its way across the tinder

I whisper the names of the Fire Gods and hail Fire Itself

Please, please, please come

I whisper the names of the Fire Runes over and over

Please, please, please help to light this Fire

To make it a good fire

A cleansing Fire

A healing Fire

A welcoming Fire

A frithful Fire

A Sacred Fire

Oh Gods of Fire, Loki, Logi, Glut, Surt, Sinmora, please, help me

Oh Ancestors, please, help me

Oh Spirits, please, help me

Oh Fire, please, help me to bring Your heat, Your light, Your power, Your strength

To the people once again

A Simple Morning Prayer with my Son

There are plenty of ways to bring the Gods into our everyday life.  When my son and I wait for the bus we say a morning prayer.  It’s short, simple, and direct: we thank Sunna for the Sun’s light that it provides for the new day, and sometimes our warmth and/or the growth of our food, and Daeg for a new day.

First we face the East.

This is the prayer:

“Hail Sunna, Goddess of the Sun.

Hail Daeg, God of the Day.

Thank you for a new day.

Thank you for a fresh start.

Thank you, Sunna, for the warmth of the Sun.

Thank you, Daeg, for the promise of a new beginning.

Hail Sunna!  Hail Daeg!

Blessed be, and ves ðu heil!”

Then we salute with our hands pressed together at our forehead, and then bowing, with our hands over our hearts and/or solar plexus.  That’s it.  Well, we might play or tease each other, but it is a good way to get our day started.  Even if we both had a rotten morning we tend to feel a bit better if not refreshed.  He goes off to school with a prayer on his lips and primed for a good day.  I get to see my son off on the bus, and wave to him as he leaves, going to the same school I once did.  The blessings of the Gods are many, and the joy of seeing him off smiling is one I treasure.

Question 6: Offerings to Odin

Question 6: Offerings to Odin

From Dreaming in Smoke and Fire:

What types of offerings does Odin like? Do you think he prefers smoked salmon or strong whiskey?
— Do you prefer smoked salmon or strong whiskey?
— Do you like pina coladas?

I’m sure He likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, eating salmon, drinking strong whiskey, and making love after midnight, but I am unsure if that is all at once or in stages.

All jokes aside, a good number of my offerings to Him are alcoholic drinks.  Among the drinks I offer to Him He seems to particularly enjoy mead and the strong alcohol such as whiskey, vodka, etc.  He especially likes mead, and from me He likes Viking Blod where I can afford it.  Sometimes He prefers local varieties, and I find He especially likes good homemade mead.

For me, I am sure He would rather have strong whiskey than salmon.  I am not practiced at cooking fish, and I would not give Him an offering if I doubt my family would eat it.  That said, I love salmon, especially salmon steak, but I have only cooked it all of one time, and that was with help.  I have not had pina coladas in awhile; might be time to again.

What types of offerings does Odin like?  He has accepted water and crackers where I could not afford much, hard drinks when I could, and a cup of coffee when I made a pot for my Gods and Ancestors.  He appreciates time, time spent not just praying to Him, but talking with Him.  I asked Him once why, if He could sit on Hlidskjalf and see all, and have Hunin and Munin bring Him news the Worlds over, did He want me to tell Him about my day?

His answer was something akin to this: is it better to talk to your father through your mother or friend, or is it better to talk with your father?

The offerings we give are intimate to our relationship with the Gods.  We may have lists of traditional offerings, but unless I slaughter and butcher a horse, or order horse meat from a specialty butcher, the likelihood is that Odin will not have an offerings of horse meat from me.  So I give what I have at hand, whether that is water, mead, or beer, crackers, bread, or cake.  I give offerings of incense somewhat frequently because leaving out food offerings sometimes is not possible, not appropriate at the time.  The same goes for offerings of food and/or water.  When I lived in a dorm room I frequently left offerings at trees’ feet since I could not have fires in the room.  There is always singing and/or talking with my Gods, and especially listening to Them.

Sometimes He wants something special, or I am inspired to give Him special offerings.  Sometimes it is the spontaneous nudge in the wine aisle, and sometimes it is a month of devotional poetry written to Him.  It may be that some weeks all He wants is regular contact at the altar, the usual prayers, and not much more.  Some times He wants intense devotional work, intense communication during a trance session where it is less about me speaking with Him, but listening very intently to Him.  At other times it may be hailing Odin during a public ceremony, especially where the ritualist gives space to call to our Gods.

So there are a great any ways to give offerings to Odin, certainly more than I have listed here.  I hope that this post has helped others find new ways to offer to Odin, or to their own Gods.  Regardless of how you offer, may Odin, and the Gods, always be hailed!

Sigyn Project: Day 28

Hail Sigyn!

You Who carry so much

You Who care so deep

You Who fight till victory is Yours

You Who stands where others fall

You Who is resolute where others crumble

You Who Witnesses

You Who Listens

You Who Blesses

You Who teaches us Compassion

You Who teaches us Duty

You Who teaches us Strength

You Who teaches us Will

You Who teaches us Courage

You Who teaches us Motherhood

You Who teaches us Sacrifice

You Who teaches us Worthiness

You Who teaches us Worth

You Who teaches us to Appreciate

You Who teaches us to Love

Thank You, Holy Lady

for letting me do this

For giving me a month to honor You

For giving me a month to know You better

For giving me a month to focus and learn and listen

Hail to You!

Hail to You Holy Sigyn!

May You always be hailed!

Sigyn Project: Day 23

Thank You, Gentle Lady

You have shown me that holding the bowl

That being the one Who listens

Is Victory when pain is contained

or cast out


Thank You Holy Goddess

You have shown me how hard it is

to hold with quaking hands

Yet to hold still

because it is the right thing


Thank You Blessed Sigyn

You have shown me through others

the depth of love You have

for Your children, for us,

and all who come to You


Thank You Sigyn

For humbling me

For gifting me with Your Presence

though I am not Your child

and for showing me new ways

of love and frith


Hail Sigyn!

Hail, Hail, Hail!

Sigyn Project: Day 21

Lady of the Staying Power

You Who Stays the Incantation

You Who Silences Spoken Curse

You Who Breaks the Incantation-Fetters

You Who Catches the Venom

You Who Stays the Serpent

You Who Stays the Tortured’s Pain

You Who Loves the Mad

You Who Honors the Screaming

You Who Fights for Victory

You Who Hugs the Homeless

You Who Faces Wrath with Open Arms

You Who Stays the Serpent

You Who Soothes the Ravaged

You Who Love’s Eternal

You Who Stands Unbowed

Hail to You!

Hail, Hail, Hail!

Hail Sigyn!

Hail Sigyn!

Hail Sigyn!

Sigyn Project: Day 4

Thank You, Sigyn, for teaching me patience

When my ears want to close

When my heart wants to shut


Thank You, Sigyn, for teaching me forgiveness

When my mouth wants to rage

When my hands want to hurt


Thank You, Sigyn, for giving me lessons

When my mind is made up

When my feet are planted


Thank You, for all that You have done

Thank You, for all You have taught

Thank You, for Your Presence in my life


From the quiet Voice asking me to think again before I fall into wrong action

From the firm Voice telling me to see things from another angle

From the loving Voice insisting I be gentle with myself


Thank You, Sigyn

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Blessed Be, and Ves Heil!