Prayer to the Sacred Fire

First the little slivers, the curled pieces like shaved corkscrews

Next the twigs, dry, snapping with a pop

Now bigger, like wrists cut from arms

Now whole arms and legs

An offering of sacred herbs, a whisper of prayers

Kneeling before the eldest Ancestor not yet arrived

Prayers tumble down, and then the sparks

Striking steel on flint again and again

A little fire alights

Then eats its way across the tinder

I whisper the names of the Fire Gods and hail Fire Itself

Please, please, please come

I whisper the names of the Fire Runes over and over

Please, please, please help to light this Fire

To make it a good fire

A cleansing Fire

A healing Fire

A welcoming Fire

A frithful Fire

A Sacred Fire

Oh Gods of Fire, Loki, Logi, Glut, Surt, Sinmora, please, help me

Oh Ancestors, please, help me

Oh Spirits, please, help me

Oh Fire, please, help me to bring Your heat, Your light, Your power, Your strength

To the people once again

Loki Project Day 14

I could read all the books in the world about You, and still not know You.  I could dig holes in all the places where You were first called, and never find You.  I could seek You in all the countries Your myths came from, and never see You.  I could seek out the best storytellers in the world to regale me with Your tales, and never hear You.  I could touch all Your images and holy places and never feel You.  I could do all these things and more, but to no avail, if my heart, mind and spirit have no place for You.

I erect the Hof in my heart, that it may be stirred and welcoming to You.  I erect the Hof in my mind, that it may be open and inviting to You.  I erect the Hof in my soul, that it may be pure and open my Being to You.

I welcome You with all I am.  I welcome You into my life, my Work, Myself, because in knowing You I have been blessed beyond measure.  In knowing You, I know that failure bring lessons.  In knowing You, I know lessons bring change.  In knowing You, I have become a better person.  In knowing You, I have had to change.  In knowing You, my Work is better fulfilled.  In knowing You, I know peace in chaos.  In knowing You, I am more than I was.

Thank You for coming into my life.  Thank You for inflicting Yourself where I was closed.  Thank You for showing me a God I would be far poorer for never having known.

Ves ðu heil, Loki.