Odin Project: Day 26

Bitter is the drink | of failure and folly,

much drank before success;

Resolve is the friend | of those who do well,

for no wolf hunts in the den


Rest one must have | in regular time,

if one is to be well;

Even Ratatosk must stop | now and then His chatter

and leave the Eagle in peace

Odin Project: Day 14

Remember the fallen, | one’s own kin

In action and word they live;

Lessons learned | from lives well-lived

Carry on to child and friends


Remember the fallen, | the friend well-loved

Lives in memory of word and deed;

Memory woven | is like a blanket

Wrapped close in cold times


Remember the fallen | the names forgotten

Deeds and memories lost in time;

Better a stone | raised to nameless dead

Than their passage never marked

Loki Project 13

O Son of Leafy Isle

and Ever-Biting Sky

I pray You hear this little prayer

Where ‘ere You may reside


I pray You know Your Holy Name

Rests on lips of me and mine;

That always is there a place

When ‘ere You come to dine


I pray You know that somewhere

Some will call You friend

That my children know Your deeds

And know where ‘ere You’ve been


I pray that You can see

The offerings left outside

That some carry love for You

A love we will not hide


I pray that You can hear

The songs that we sing

In praise of You, O Flaming Hair

In our small gatherings


I pray that You can feel, Loki

The love and trust and pride

For counting You among our Gods

In You, our prayers abide


Hail unto the Fiery One

To Hag and Aesir Bride

Hail unto Your Beloved Kin

Your family and Your lines


Hail to You Ever-Changing

To all Your blessings known

To Wyrd that You have made with us

To Wyrd that will be wove


My Ancestors have spoke Your Name

My heart knows but this:

My kith and kin are blessed by You

Because You do exist


Please hear this prayer I pray, Loki

Trickster, Fire, and Friend

We shall hail and praise Your Name

Beyond Yggdrasil’s End