Odin Project: Day 26

Bitter is the drink | of failure and folly,

much drank before success;

Resolve is the friend | of those who do well,

for no wolf hunts in the den


Rest one must have | in regular time,

if one is to be well;

Even Ratatosk must stop | now and then His chatter

and leave the Eagle in peace

Loki Project Day 16

I shut my eyes and listen

I wait as

My mind conjures images

Your Voice

Your energy

Trying to put words to the ineffable

To the equal-turns

Capricious and serious

To the balanced Trickster and Friend

And Truth-teller and Flyter and Compassionate One

The Breaker of Worlds and Loving Father

No contradiction; just You

Words do not come easy

Sometimes a noun, a verb

Flashes of words, insight

Momentary links chaining

Idea to thought to word

From half-formed prayer to paean

From little dribbles of words tapping

To a flood

Rushing from pen onto paper

From fingers to some server in cyberspace

I can find You anywhere

If I look

I wait

I listen

Still struggling like a fisher

Trying to net Your essence

If for a moment

Though the words may wriggle

The net may fail

And my words

Fall free