A Small Break and Open to Questions

I am taking a break from devotional poetry, at least, as much as I am able.  I am looking for topics to write on so if you, or someone you know, wants me to dig into a topic let me know.  One article I am working on already is on Odin, but I am not sure which direction to go in yet.  It may turn into a series of articles.

So ask questions!  It can be on anything related to my religion, Gods, vaettir, Ancestors, etc.

Sigyn Project: Day 16

Venom-Tamer teach me

To know when my bowl is full

When my quaking limbs can take no more

And I must empty it


Incantation-Fetter teach me

To know how to set a curse

When best is the time to act

And how set to work


Victory-Bringer teach me

To know when the time is right

When my work and toil unfurl

And I must strike


Asynja teach me

To walk with feet in many Worlds

When to speak or be silent

And how best to act