Sigyn Project: Day 28

Hail Sigyn!

You Who carry so much

You Who care so deep

You Who fight till victory is Yours

You Who stands where others fall

You Who is resolute where others crumble

You Who Witnesses

You Who Listens

You Who Blesses

You Who teaches us Compassion

You Who teaches us Duty

You Who teaches us Strength

You Who teaches us Will

You Who teaches us Courage

You Who teaches us Motherhood

You Who teaches us Sacrifice

You Who teaches us Worthiness

You Who teaches us Worth

You Who teaches us to Appreciate

You Who teaches us to Love

Thank You, Holy Lady

for letting me do this

For giving me a month to honor You

For giving me a month to know You better

For giving me a month to focus and learn and listen

Hail to You!

Hail to You Holy Sigyn!

May You always be hailed!

Sigyn Project: Day 27

I am a Seeker

a month of writing to You

and I still do not know You

Your Presence is calm

Your Voice is gentle most times

Yet, I still do not know You


I do not know You as a Mother

not truly, though I can feel Your sadness

for Sons torn by rage and pain


I do not know You as a Wife

not truly, though I have seen Your cave

and toiling, emptying the great bowl


I do not know You as a Goddess

not truly, though I hail Your Name

and praise Your gifts


How could I know You?

I praise Your Name as true as any of the Gods I worship


How could I know You?

I pour out offerings and gift to You, sure as any of the Gods I hail


How could I know You?

I have held Your bowl in offering, and had but a taste of Your Work and pain


How could I know You?

There is so much more than story or word or song or dance or life could tell


How could I know You?

I pray, I offer, I sing, I dance, I play, I do


I do know You

If any mortal can know a Goddess

Who has blessed their life

Who has sat, waiting, for the mortal to comprehend

Who has held the ones I love as they weep

Who has stood by me when I thought I had few friends

Who spoke for me

Who touches my hands

Who speaks in my ear

Who hears

Who despite all, remains


Sigyn Project: Day 26

The wolf tore the tender flesh

Madness gripped unbidden

and Death rode within the Child

Whose Godly life was taken


The madness gripped the Wolf

and He snapped and snarled and howled

By magic Odin fettered Him

Mind and form befouled


He knew not what He did

He only knew that when

He ripped His Brother’s stomach out

His madness would not end


How come we to this pain?

How come we to this wrong?

How come we to the cave?

In which You have served so long?


For pain exacts its own price

in wrath will have revenge

and in a Father’s loving lost

Comes the Worlds’ own End


You stand before the doom

of all that once was full of Life

You stand with bowl upraised

a weeping Witness and a Wife


Succor, I pray to Your pain

and to Your Family too

But not prayer nor power can take away

The wrong done unto You


Oh Gods, hear my prayer!

My little mortal cry

May it pierce the depths of Helheim’s Gates

and pierce great Asgard’s sky!


Peace oh peace! Peace!

I pray, with fervent lips aloft

For I can feel the Battle coming

And it is not far off


Great Jord She shakes in agony

with Loki in Her bones

His thrashing wounds Her heart and soul

Sigyn, She stands alone


Ever-faithful Lady

indomitable and unbowed

Hail to Your Holy Duty

To the thrashing Serpent-Crowned


Hail to You Holy Mother

May frith be offering,

That no other may know the loss You bear

or know Your suffering


Sigyn Project: Day 25

I am playing a bit of catch-up with these last four days of devotional writing.  I have been recovering from a very eventful weekend at ConVocation.


First up are songs that reminds me of Sigyn:

I Was Lost Without You by Sam Hulic

Invincible by Pat Benetar

My Immortal by Evanescence

Paradisus by Lesiem


I may add to this list over time so check back every now and again.  I may make a page for something like this for the Gods I work with.

Sigyn Project: Day 24

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

Oh Holy Sigyn

Thank You for Your blessings

For Your Patience

For Your Caring

For Your Will

For Your Love

Hail Sigyn, Lady of the Staying Power!

Hail Sigyn, Tear-Stained and Resolute!

Hail Sigyn, Powerful-Shouldered!

Hail Sigyn, Mother to the Pained

Hail Sigyn, Tear-Catcher!

Hail Sigyn, Patient One!

Hail Sigyn, Indomitable One!

Hail Sigyn, Victory-Bringer!

Hail, Hail, Hail!

Hail Sigyn!

Sigyn Project: Day 23

Thank You, Gentle Lady

You have shown me that holding the bowl

That being the one Who listens

Is Victory when pain is contained

or cast out


Thank You Holy Goddess

You have shown me how hard it is

to hold with quaking hands

Yet to hold still

because it is the right thing


Thank You Blessed Sigyn

You have shown me through others

the depth of love You have

for Your children, for us,

and all who come to You


Thank You Sigyn

For humbling me

For gifting me with Your Presence

though I am not Your child

and for showing me new ways

of love and frith


Hail Sigyn!

Hail, Hail, Hail!

Sigyn Project: Day 21

Lady of the Staying Power

You Who Stays the Incantation

You Who Silences Spoken Curse

You Who Breaks the Incantation-Fetters

You Who Catches the Venom

You Who Stays the Serpent

You Who Stays the Tortured’s Pain

You Who Loves the Mad

You Who Honors the Screaming

You Who Fights for Victory

You Who Hugs the Homeless

You Who Faces Wrath with Open Arms

You Who Stays the Serpent

You Who Soothes the Ravaged

You Who Love’s Eternal

You Who Stands Unbowed

Hail to You!

Hail, Hail, Hail!

Hail Sigyn!

Hail Sigyn!

Hail Sigyn!