The #DoMagick Challenge Day 6


Kenaz (Wikimedia Commons)

Today, I did galdr with Kenaz.

As before, I smoked Großmutter Una to cleanse and prepare myself.  As before, I did the prayers to prepare and flowed into a good, clean whole self when I did.  I went outside to to the galdr and got the distinct feeling that if I tried to tough it out, I would be more concentrating on that then the work with Kenaz.  So, I came back into the garage.

As I breathed in to prepare, I did not feel much.  It was not until I galdred Kenaz twice during my first round that I began to experience things.  Perhaps it was my hands warming back up to start with in the two earlier rounds.  The third galdr brought with it the small fires that our Ancestors sat around.  The small fires that cooked the meals, brought the peoples together.  Not like the need-fire of Nauðiz, no.  This was the warm fire, the welcoming fire.  This was the fire lit to bring people together and unite them.  A shared meal, a moot, a Thing.

I smoked three times to cleanse, and breathed three times before the next round of galdr.  Even my breathing sharpened; this was the ferocious, harsh, and blatantly painful.  As I galdred I experienced it: This was the fire that burned you, that ate your flesh, that cauterized.  It is the fire of pain letting you know something was wrong, inflammation, pain in your guts, heartburn, all the fiery sensations our body gives us.  It is ulcer and open wounds, it is the making of all these things on someone else.  It is the brand of illness and the brand of iron.

I smoked again to cleanse, breathed three times before the last round of galdr.  My breathing eased.  This was the fire of healing, of cleansing teas and ease of aching muscles.  This was the fire of soothing, of meditation and devotion.  It was the Fire of Muspelheim, and the Fire in my Sacred Pipe.  It was the consuming of the plants and trees so new ones could spread, and it was the dance of cleansing poi and Sacred Fires that work with us to cleanse, heal, protect, and all the incredible things Fire Itself has worked with us to do so we can be healthy, whole, prosper.  It was here I was told enough; boundaries, too.  It was the torch that set boundaries or could set them alight.  That could warm the home, or consume it.  So I did my prayers of thanks.

I did prayers and I cleaned the pipe, and thought of how Fire came first, and how each light I make, whether by matches, flint and steel, or by turning on a light-bulb, Fire presence in our lives is always there.

Link to the Daily Ritual for the Challenge.


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