Open to Questions Year 3

I am once again looking for topics to write on, so if you, or someone you know, wants me to dig into a topic let me know.

Ask questions!  They can be on anything related to the Northern Tradition, Heathenry, polytheism, animism, Gods, Ancestors, vaettir (spirits), shamanic work, priest work, spirit work, definitions, lore, etc.

4 thoughts on “Open to Questions Year 3

  1. Would be very interested in hearing your views on personal taboos (both general and specific), their function for both the shaman and the spirits, and what the possible advantages and disadvantages are for the shaman. Would also be interested in hearing your views of the roll of ritual cross-dressing as it pertains to shamanism.


  2. A pattern I have encountered over the decades is Christian baggage brought in my new folks that is so pervasive in Christian cultures the folks aren’t even aware it does not apply in Asatru or other religions.

    One such is a mandate to believe. Belief may have been common everywhere but I’ve never found a mandate for it anywhere other than the New Testament and Koran. The sagas mention folks who don’t attend sacrifice. That’s not even disbelief. That’s refusal to practice. In a religion of orthopraxy not orthodoxy like ours, even that was not considered a problem.

    Another is a need for a Devil, and for some reason some heathens pick someone other than Surt. We don’t get the simplicity of binary approaches by our deities.

    I’m sure there is a long list of such topics that could be discussed.


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