For my Ancestors

Who requested I learn to play the basic tune on the kantele for Them.  Sometimes the things the Ancestors ask of us hurts the heart, and others, it lifts us up.  This song, for me, is something of both.  Reminds me of my grandfather.  Of family, Ancestors I’ve never met in the flesh.  Of those I will lose, and those who will lose me.

Joy and bittersweet.

Hail to all of my Ancestors.  May They ever be hailed.

7 thoughts on “For my Ancestors

  1. In my U.S. History II classes, we always have “Irish Day” (sometimes twice!) in the quarter, and the students get extra credit if they: a) bring an Irish song from pre-1920 to sing (other than “Danny Boy” or “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” for $reasons!), or any folk song from that period; b) make pre-1920 Irish food (no corned beef and cabbage!) and bring it to share with everyone. Often, this song has been done by one of the students, and so I always make them do it last, because it wouldn’t be right to do it and then have five other songs after it, etc. 😉

    Quick question: has “The Jaguar and the Owl” gone defunct? Since I’m not on various social media, I wouldn’t have heard an update on this, but I just wondered…it was a great show when it was running, and I was always happy to listen to new episodes. If it is gone, I’m sorry to hear it, but I can certainly understand other things coming up and preventing it being done, etc.


    • The Irish Day sounds pretty awesome. Good on you for exposing them to more Irish culture.

      We’re on hiatus as far as the podcast goes. We may record new podcasts here and there, though. However, between my new job and things in Jim’s life picking up speed, we couldn’t fulfill our commitment to every other week on Tuesday. So the radio show is done for the time being.


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