What is constant

When words are less than air

Crackling between boards?

What is truth

When ephemera’s hold strangles

and the meaning of things succumb

to such tender embrace?

What are lies

When it is the engine and the oil

by which a nation builds

and knows itself?

What is death

When its visage is buried

under plastic smiles and makeup

pressed to styrofoam and wrapping?

What is knowledge

When it is hidden

by mountains of lies and ignorance

repeated by forked, moneyed tongues?

All is deceit.

4 thoughts on “Deceit

  1. Gosh…I hope everything is all right…?!?

    Where certain areas of life are concerned, I definitely agree, though.

    I’d be interested in hearing more about what prompted this particular poetic expression, if you are able and comfortable to share it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, I’m doing pretty good at the moment. When I wrote the majority of this I had just written my post on white privilege, and there was a lot of things swirling about in my mind, including #blacklivesmatter, thoughts on imperialism, colonialism, power, the meaning of words, and that I needed to speak to things as they were and cut through bullshit. I just didn’t have the last stanza yet, and so, I let the poem lie for a few months till I came back to it this morning, and finally, finished it.


      • Yes, I know what you mean…

        I was just chatting about the falsity of the entire concept of “Western Civilization” with Heathen Chinese in the comments on my discussion of the Pompeii exhibit…that entire notion is based in false imperialist/colonialist notions of the past few centuries, and does not reflect reality when it comes to the existence of wider world cultures, nor of non-monotheist religions, etc.


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