The Northern Gods Are Not White

The Gods of Heathenry and Northern Tradition Paganism are not white. They are Gods who were historically worshiped by continental or non-continental Northern Europeans. White, as a descriptor to describe people of a certain skin color, and generally speaking certain ethnic backgrounds, is relatively recent in modern description. It is completely socially constructed, and its use has been, throughout history, to marginalize other people and to place ‘whiteness’ as superior. It has no place in Heathenry or the Northern Tradition.

I absolutely reject the idea, finding it repugnant and blasphemous, to place our Gods in the context of ‘whiteness’. There is no such thing as ancient ‘white history’; there is ancient Germanic history, ancient Icelandic history, and so on. ‘White history’, as such, is a relatively new construction. It, and whiteness in general, was initially put forth by the British to make colonization and the other imperialistic ambitions of the Crown more palatable to its citizens. After all, if those one is subjugating are not white, and therefore, ‘lesser’, what need does one have to fight for them, or what cause has one to identify with the oppressed? In such a system, anything not-white is ‘less’, less cultured, less good, less human.

Calls to being proud of ‘whiteness’ are engaging in racism. It does not matter whether one believes their pride to be racist, it simply is. It is taking pride not in one’s heritage, but in one’s place and privilege in society. To be ‘proud of whiteness’ is dogwhistle language for enjoying privilege and prestige because of one’s skin color to the detriment of other people. Phrases such as ‘Native pride’ and ‘black pride’ cannot carry the connotations that ‘white pride’ does because neither Natives nor blacks have, in America’s history, had the power of law to oppress people of other colors, had the ability to destroy white lives with impunity, take white lands without due process, or kill white people without deep repercussions.

It is a wholly different matter to be proud of one’s heritage. In my case, I take pride in my Dutch great-grandfather for braving the seas and arriving in America, but that is far different than my pride being bound up in the pigmentation of my skin.

Irminfolk bylaws are racist on their face. According to them, a person is supposed to be 7/8 ethnic European or identifies as ‘white’ or ‘Aryan’, both terms which are used in a racialist context rather than an ethnic one. How is one to determine if one is 7/8 European? I asked earlier, and will ask again: “Are my eyes German? Are my legs Dutch? Is my left ring finger French? Are my teeth American?” What of the history of ancient peoples who worshiped the Northern Gods? They were traders, farmers, and fighters. They colonized as well as assimilated into the cultures they traded and fought with. They also assimilated others into their culture. ‘Purity’ standards are racist, and are an insult to Heathenry and the Northern Tradition. They are a modern invention to discriminate and divide, and nothing more.

Interesting, then, that the blood quantum required to be part of Irminfolk is an inversion of most blood quantum rules and laws. Racist government policies often made one-drop blood quantum laws their rule for inclusion in a tribal racial, or ethnic group. Fundamental rights and privileges were denied to people who fell into these categories, whether that was freedom, property, religion, or self-determination. It was only in 1978 that the Native American Religious Freedom Act was passed in the United States, securing the rights of Native American people in the United States to teach practice their ways. Blood quantum laws are racist. The ones that were instituted by the US government against Native American tribes were used as a check on Native American tribes’ ability to accept new members. It was instituted as a measure to control Native American population, and thus, Native American tribes’ sovereignty in general.

Because the Internet is often the first stop on a lot of new Heathen and Northern Tradition Pagans to understanding their Gods, the Ancestors’ place in religion, and the vaettir, I cannot be silent on these things. As I said in my last post, I almost turned aside from Heathenry and the Northern Tradition because of racists among our ranks. To paraphrase Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “If I am silent in the face of racism, I have chosen the side of the racist.” I cannot, in my silence, allow racists to turn someone from the Gods, Ancestors, and the vaettir.

Anyone requiring people to pass a blood quantum, or having an ethnic purity standard, or defending such, is a racist, and is supporting racist institutions. It is not my responsibility to be kind or to spare others’ feelings in this matter. Rather, it is my duty to call out racism, racist people and organizations, and stand against such vile things. It is not my duty to love others in this regard; it is my duty to defend my religious community from the stain of racists, and to call them out for what they are, and to state ‘Me and mine do not and will not stand for this’. If that is ostracizing and bullying so be it. Racism has no place in my religion, nor will I give it, its defenders, or its proponents peace so long as they claim it does.

Irminfolk, and countless folkish groups can feel they are not racist. Such feeling does not make them so. If you believe, as Bob Hamlin of Irminfolk does, that being of Northern European ancestry makes you, in his words, ‘more worthy’ to worship the Gods than others, you are racist. You cannot restore honor to a people while engaging in acts that defame and denigrate. You cannot restore honor to a group of religions whose name you stain by your conduct and by your words.

Mike Sagginario’s ad hominem reveals he has little to stand on, morally or rhetorically. Given the interaction from his and others in his group in my space here, I am even more firm in my stance that Irminfolk is racist. I do not care one whit who they consulted. Their words do not lend credence to the racist and racialist policies this, or any religious group puts forward. The policy of ethnic purity, as well as positive affirmation of ‘white’, and ‘Aryan’ identity in the bylaws of the Irminfolk overtly welcomes and provides cover for racists. It is racist on its face in its discrimination. Racism harms Heathenry. My strident insistence in this will not give way.

I care little to what guests and friends are held to insofar as expectations are concerned. The fact that Irminfolk holds these standards for its members and professes to be Heathen is damage enough, and reason enough, for me, HUAR, and others to stand against it. The fact that Irminfolk seeks to put itself out there as a legitimate Heathen resource and group with these policies in its place for its core, voting membership is enough for me to oppose it and any allies it makes. That this group gets along with Native Americans, which there is significant reason to doubt, means nothing to my and others’ opposition to its policies and beliefs. That this group conducted the construction of its bylaws with the aid of a lawyer that somehow approved of and helped them to formulate these policies says more to the lack of ethics of the lawyer and his character than it does the authority or correctness of their assertions. Attempting to explain how I should object to the racist policies of this organization is a derailing tactic, and one I will ignore. This group can welcome discussion on the matter, but my opinion should have been clear from the start, and barring that, what I finished the last post with should have given you a clear enough idea where I stand on things. Any who engage in the welcoming and acceptance of racist rhetoric and racists themselves are my enemy.

What I find, again and again, is a fundamental misunderstanding when I and others make our beliefs and opinions known in this regard. I am not seeking to abrogate anyone’s freedoms in association, religion, or the like in standing against groups like Irminfolk. They are fully free to believe and practice as they will within the laws of the land. In response, I am exercising my freedom of expression. If such seems censoring, the problem of that perception does not lie with me. To call the activism of HUAR, Ryan Smith, and those aligned with them a witch hunt seems foolish to me. Irminfolk put its bylaws on the Internet for all to see; Mr. Smith and HUAR, and now I, have highlighted these racist policies and have publicly denounced this group as racist after reviewing them. If the group wished to remain wholly private, or at least for its policies to not be common knowledge, it would seem prudent to not have published them to the Internet.

If there were indeed death threats made to Irminfolk, its members, or its allies, then I denounce these with all due diligence. There is no need to threaten them or theirs.

The Irminfolk and other folkish, racist groups of its ilk, do engage in practices that help to put others down. Wherever oppression is aided, whether by silence, or open arms, people contribute to the harm of others. To quote Archbishop Desmond Tutu directly: “If you are silent in the face of oppression, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” For any who engage in racist and racialist actions, put forward such policies, or accept racist members among their ranks with open arms, you are contributing to the problem of racism and the oppression of people. The actions of Irminfolk, in instituting the policies and bylaws it has, has a chilling effect on the Heathen community, and especially to prospective members to it. As I recounted in my previous post, racist and racialist Heathens are why I nearly did not come into Heathenry to begin with.

None of the points I made in regards to the practices, policies, beliefs, and so on have been taken up by Irminfolk commenters thus far. Rather, they have come into my space berating my guests, and speaking ill of me and mine. You do not come into my space and demand anything of me, especially in so rude a manner as you have. You do not come into my space and demand anything of my allies, especially in so rude a manner as you have. You do not come into my space and demand respect for policies, procedures, people, and groups that are not due respect. You do not come into my space and insult me and mine. You do not come into my space and make veiled threats, litigious or otherwise. You have tried to besmirch I and others’ characters, and you have conducted yourselves without honor. You have broken frith and hospitality. You shall receive no honor in kind for your actions and your words.

Irminfolk is a racist organization. Its membership and their allies are racists. Their apologists are racists. Any who have requirements such as they do to enter into their religion are racists. There is no compromise to be had here, no dialogue to be engaged in. I will not compromise with those who would deny my family before the Gods, Ancestors, and vaettir. I will not compromise with those who would deny others’ ability to come to know the Gods, Ancestors, and vaettir. I will not speak with them. I will raise my voice against them for as long as they cleave to racist messages, policies, procedures, and people. Likewise, I will raise my voice against any who would act in support of them. Lacking even basic respect and decorum in my own place, I have no respect for them and theirs. I will not entertain their ideas, nor will I engage in dialogue with them.

I give you rede, Loddfafnir, heed it well!
You will use it, if you learn it,
it will get you good if you understand it
If you know that someone is evil, say so.
Never give friendship to your enemies.” -The Hávamál

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  2. Once, we had the idea that a son should not be punished for the crimes and sins of their fathers. Personally, I liked it. After all, why should I pay for the crimes of people who lived before I did and over whom I had no control and no ability to go back and stop?

    Whatever happened to that attitude? Now, not only must I pay for the sins of my father and grandfathers, I have to pay for the sins of people I am not even related too, all because I’m white. You know, I thought you were leading to a very great point when you started out with the Gods weren’t white and how white was a construct having existed for just a couple hundred years. You were carrying the Olympic torch there mate.

    And then you had to cock it up by lumping all white people together as all responsible fore the exact same shit regardless of who they were, where they were from, or what their people actually did.

    You know, the definition of racism is the action of having a prejudice or discrimination based on skin color. The act of being a non-racist is holding all people/peoples to the same standard. Now, sadly, for best intentions or not, you are engaging in an act of racism here. I have no ties at this point to Irminfolk or any other “folkish” groups who you claim are racist. But if Irminfolk is holding to a “blood quota” the same as dozens of native american tribes or other ethnic group oganizations out there, they are not performing any action that any other race is not performing.

    The sole basis for your argument that they are racist, in your own words, is that Irminfolk is racist because they are “white” and in the past “white people did these bad things.” You are punishing the children for the sins of the fathers while holding them to a different standard than any other racial or ethnic group out there. And then, while deploring threats and violence, proceed to the claim that anyone, anyone who speaks up in support of them is a racist. Something that historically has been shown to lead only to threats and violence.

    So, please correct me if I’m wrong, you have called out a group of people for an action that dozens of different peoples engages in and said they cannot do this because of their race (which meets the definition of racism) and then tried to turn it so that anyone who disagrees with you is a racist. At the same time, because Irminfolk is a religious organization, you have set yourself up along with HUAR as somehow having the moral or physical authority to tell people what they can or cannot believe because you, personally, find it objectionable. Do you then concede the right so that others might come in and dictate what you believe because they might find it morally objectionable?

    Irminfolk is a Heathen religious group. Heathenism had nothing to do with the last 400 years of racial oppression that occurred. Heathenism is a primarily scandinavian and northern european based religion, again a region that by and large had nothing to do with the racial oppressions that occurred here in America, since those actions were led by the Anglo-Saxon English immigrants. So you would hold responsible, and punish, people whose ancestors and religion had either no part or very small part in things which these modern people have no way of going back and preventing, and deny them the right to practice their religion for themselves, a religion suppressed for over a thousand years, because of the color of their skin and what people sharing that skin color did.

    And yet I’m the racist for holding them to the same standard I do everyone else. Others like me are racists because we feel that a group of people should be allowed to worship freely as they please regardless of skin color, and follow the exact same rules that Native Americans and other Ethnic groups are allowed to. Sarenth, I have read your blog for a fair while, I have great respect for you as a person and as a Son of Odin, so please, hear now the words of the Son of Hel.

    Stop this. Stop trying to fight and kill your kin. Stop attacking them because of the color of their skin, or their belief that their culture is something for them. You will not make yourself any more acceptable to the masses. They will still hate you, they will still consider you a racist for who you are and who you worship, no matter how many heads of “true racists” you bring to them. You can scream “my gods aren’t white!” all day long and you will be correct. Our Gods are Asgardian, Vaniric, Jotun, they are Germanic and Scandinavian, they are peoples with their own language which they shared with us, their own histories which they gave to us, their own blood which they made us with. They are not white…but no one cares. White is a group for everyone from Europe with lighter skin and to them we are all as guilty as the guiltiest of us, regardless of our or our ancestor’s innocence in horrible deeds. Deeds which in reality are no more or less horrible than those commuted by all other peoples at one time or another.

    If you truly feel that Irminfolk, for doing something that every other ethnic group is doing, has truly done something reprehensible and you want them to change…then do so with kinship, with love, with education, and then go to those other groups and say “hey, it is wrong to keep people out because of ethnicity, we are all kin”. But do not do it with hatred, with insults, with force. Do it because discrimination is wrong, not because you feel one group of people gathered by measures you yourself called arbitrary should not be allowed to do something because someone 200 years ago did something we not consider wrong. To step upon the path of violence brings only violence, and while you might be strong enough to change Irminfolk with force…someday you will meet another who will change and dictate your religious path with their own force. If you need an example of this, you need only look at HUAR, which has gone from having at least passing respect, to quickly being hated by nearly every heathen I come across because HUAR has literally leveled accusations at almost every Heathen group and quite a few lone practitioners who were doing nothing racist except taking pride in their gods and themselves.

    These are my thoughts. I leave them in peace and as Hela to grant wisdom to all who read them. We are not a “white” people. We are our own people. And that people deserves the same rights as everyone else, regardless of anyone’s actions in the past.


      • Oh dear. It is never a wise thing to offend one of our Deities.

        As the Havamal states, “cattle die and kinsmen die” because the most fundamental truth of life is that sooner or later we die.

        Hela, is more than just a name, for Her name is also the name of the realm of the dead. She is the living, breathing personification of that realm. To speak of Hel is to speak of both the Goddess, Her realm, and all those who dwell there. It is great hubris and folly to treat Her with any disrespect because sooner or later we and/or our kin will traverse those halls. Even Odin traversed those halls as he went after Baldr as seen in Baldr’s Draumar. In gylfaginning we see the God Hermod is the one journeying to Hel. After a battle in 915 in Res Gestae Sax where the Saxons were triumphant over the Franks they talk about the realm of the dead and thus, where the fallen warriors have gone: “where is there such an enormous Hel which has room for so many dead?”

        Her name literally is not only the realm of the dead, but etymologically is the very earth where the dead are buried and reside from the great bairns and graveyards.

        When faced with conversion the Frisian King Radbod (680-719 CE), asked a question of the Christian missionaries: “Where are my dead ancestors at present?” Wolfram the Christian missionary answered, “In Hell, with all other unbelievers.” Upon hearing this, Radbod changed his mind about converting and replied, “Then I would rather live there with my honourable ancestors than go to heaven with a parcel of beggars .” Here we have evidence of a real, historical person who grew up honoring the Old Gods, who made the decision not to convert because he’d rather be in Hel with his ancestors.

        Apparently, by disrespecting Hel you would rather not be with your ancestors there in the afterlife. That’s ok, trust me when I say Hel is a far better place without you.

        I’m sorry if your simple brain can’t grasp these concepts, or the fact that your words and deeds define you as the immature one. You really should take the time to learn more before opening your mouth.

        So go run along home child, the adults are talking.


      • This article is utter nonsense. Every other ethnicity on Earth is permitted, even encouraged, to be “proud” of their ethnic heritage. Singling out white people for scorn, for doing the same thing — THAT is racist.


      • No. You are wrong.
        Again, racism is the leveraging of power to deny humanity, and standing in society to another group of people based on race and/or ethnicity while claiming superiority over other races/ethnicities, and enforcing policies that denigrate other races and ethnicities.

        Further to the point: whiteness is NOT an ethnic heritage. German heritage, Scandinavian heritage, is, and these are not based on skin color, but upon where one is born, and the culture in which one is raised. There are plenty of dark-skinned German folks who identify as German, or German and the heritage of their ancestry/ethnic group, i.e. German-Ethiopian.


      • Very well — in that case, the Japanese may not have their own gods, either, nor may any other people have gods of their own. How’s that suit ya?


      • Japanese people have their own Gods. Being Japanese means that one’s nationality is Japanese, not one’s race. A wide variety of people have or had Gods, i.e. the ancient Germanic tribes had Gods, and modern Heathens have revived, reconstructed, and renewed Their worship, ‘white’ people have not. ‘White’ is not a nationality.


      • No, but it is important that we realize that ALL white people benefit from the crimes of past white people. We are wealthier, better established, and widely in control of politics and media because of previous societies based on slavery, second-class citizens, and colonization. It is up to us to own up to what we have unfairly inherited, and try to level the playing field.

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      • Still waiting on euphemebut to answer (though frome their words I can guess their truth’s answer), but Laurel I will respond to you.

        What you have just said, what you have just described, is call the “white man’s burden.” It’s a very old type of thought that says “because we have more as white people, we must take care of and work for the betterment of lesser peoples.” Now, originally it was because white people had succeeded by something like the grace of god, or being a more gifted “race” and so forth. Now apparently it’s because All White People (including those from countries who had no slavery, microscopic slavery, or have barely begun to benifit from the blessings of the West’s industrial revolution).

        Now, if you want to argue that all white people have benefited from “crimes” such as the enslavement of Africans, i could point to several countries (like the Scandinavian ones) which had virtually no slavery which contributed to their success or advancement. I could also point out that most of our advancement (in the US for example) in areas which had geographically outlawed slavery, never had slavery, or took place during/after the industrial revolution, which occurred after slavery was abolished and in fields where slavery had no part. Our entire modern America, in terms of wealth and/or technology for example, rests on technological advances created or perfected due to WWII, nearly one hundred years after slavery. This is all historically documented, but I am sure that is not relevant.

        What is relevant is what the idea of “White Privilege” leads to. “White people” have benefited from others by doing what was at the time acceptable and what is now immoral. White people now owe other people for that. Thus, non-white people who did not suffer those crimes are entitled to reparations from those who did not commit those crimes, and white people owe it to them to give those reparations. Indeed, white people are, by dent of being white, responsible for every bad thing that happens to non-white people, because white people have a “privilege”. So white people (regardless of where they come from or their or their ancestors’ culpability) need to pay back to those they oppress, to even the playing field or even clear the playing field so that others can take their place and make it more fair.

        Which sounds so incredibly familiar to me. Where was that? Oh yeah, the 1930’s. Only it had to do with a different group of people who were privileged, who held places of power and wealth above those they were exploiting. A people who needed to be stopped if those they were oppressing were ever to have a chance at living a good, free life.

        I think I don’t need to mention who those people were.

        But hey, you know. tl:dr, Svartwulf is a racist because he doesn’t agree right? 😉


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  5. A suggestion I’ve seen from various people is not to condemn racists, but to try and educate them. I will admit, I probably let my Christian influenced “turn the other cheek”/take the high road etc. mentality get the better of me (I know it’s not how polytheists roll, but it’s my upbringing and personal inclination), and more than once I have been taken advantage of as a result. I’ve invited people to “dialog” and understand where they are coming from, to have them stab me in the back. For my post about the origins of policies of who belongs to the Jewish people and various Native American tribes, and how it doesn’t compare well with Heathenry, I got support from people who already agreed with me, but people who didn’t, ignored all the points I made and just told me I was perpetuating “white guilt” and hating white people.


  6. Deities (because they can be/do anything they want can be ANY COLOR they want when they appear before humans. Most of the time they took on human forms so as not to frighten us … After all when they DID appear to humans wouldn’t they want us to listen rather than a)run and hide or b)attack these creatures out of fear?


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  8. I find this entire thing just a racist rant, so black pride or native pride isnt racist but white pride is? seriously that is the biggest load of shit i ever heard of, to live on a native american reservation you need to be so much blood of them in you, and black people originally came from africa, they have a rich history there, white people came from european area originally, and we have a rich history there, and native american people well are native here in america they had and still do have a rich history, to say one should not be proud of their race or people is wrong. I am proud to be polish i am proud to be white, it does not mean i think i am more or less then others, it does not mean i hate or disregard others it just means im proud of who i am, you should be proud of who you are no matter what skin you are, or where you come from.


  9. BTW I have met alot of black racist and native american racist, asian racist, and of people from other cultures who are racist, to say they cant be racist because of americas past is total bull shit, the fact is people are racist in different parts of the world, not everyone gets along, look at how one tribe will kill another tribe in middle east, or so on so forth you can find different things, the thing is here in america there is a misconception only white people can be racist but thats bull shit and it is not helping the over all message of trying to solve the racist issue. no matter what there will always be hate in this world, you cant do anything about it but try and change and be better then the racist or hatter. its pointless to try and change others because they will only change if they want too. Here is my problem with this, you are saying only white people are racist but until you have seen racism by others you will never know anything, you are blind to how the world really works, its not rainbows and candy. It is hard and serious, People will hate and kill each other its normal, all we can do is strive to be better then that.


  10. How amusing that you have no trouble calling blacks of differnt tribes black but deny even the privledge of identity to whites. Blacks do kill whites with impunity in this country. Approx. 90 % of all interracial crime has white victims and non white perpetrators, and indeed, all 4 of the people who have held guns to my head just “happened” to be black. Jews, such as Lazar Kagnovitch killed 15 million European people, a third of them children, by slow starvation. Illyria Ehrenburg, also a Jew, directed the gang rape and often murder of 2 million European women and girls as young as 6. This was done with impunity too, as is the current white sex slave trade in Israel right now. I notice that you care nothing for these victims and this makes you a worse anti white racist than the majority of folkish Heathen people could be considered “racist” but I do hope that we shall surpass all of you on that score, even the communist Jews and militant homosexuals of HUAR, who are “anti-racist” but who, strangely, do not allow anti Zionist posts on their group. The values you are expressing here are not Heathen but Christian, universalist, and cultural Marxist. Ancient European Pagan people did not willingly race mix with anyone, in fact, bloodlines were considered important too, not race alone. We believe, and have always believed, that we are related to our Gods. The idea of mixing with other races who had not invented the wheel or writing and destroying our identity would have been considered repulsive in the extreme in a culture and religion based on meritocracy, but it was not even considered, any more than going out and marrying and having sex with a monkey would have been. It is only in the last 50 years that the European peoples have mixed, and this is the result of a deliberate campaign promoted literally every few minutes in the 97 percent Jewish owned media, and it is most definitely an attempt to genocide Nordic Europeans. I would guess you, with your limited reasoning ability and crazed hatred and-or envy, are a product of this campaign yourself.If so, I pity you and what your parents did to you, which is more than you have ever done for the victims of crimes motivated by jealousy and hatred of Europeans, but if shall not be destroying my people for the sake of your “feelings”. If this is the case, you are not one of our people, nor will you ever be. Deal with it. If you are white, you are a despicable coward and traitor, which is even worse.


    • Seana Fenner thank you so much that is so right for you to say you are one of the few white germanic people that can see the truth, there is no such thing as being racist, it is simply us the white race defending ourselves from the criminals the bad people the satanic and atheists the dumbasses and insane niggers jews and any non white i dont even like mexican cholos because they want to boss hog all the girls


  11. Might I point out that hate is just hate, hubris is hubris and an attrosity is just that an attrosity. Genetic heritage, ethnisity, skin color, religion, or any other lable that one uses do define the perpitrator are meaningles. Yes white people enslaved black people, along with other white people, red people, yellow people and brown people. The same can be said of ANY people. First Nations people DID keep black and White Slaves. Black plantation owners kept both black and white slaves. Read your history folks it is all there.

    What is my point you might ask. Simple. All people have commited attrosities against other peoples. That is part and parcile of human nature. As to the whole issue of race I was unaware of any other then human. The simple truth is that we are all one race, HUMAN. The whole concept of the white, black, red, yellow ect race was concept created BY RACISTS. The 2-5% genetic difference between diferent ethnisities does not constitute a seperate race.


    • fuck u there’s more than one race, I will name them real quick you retard
      niggers egyptian african
      american indian
      jews arabs
      romans trojans greeks
      germanics/vikings let me know if i missed any


      • The only races are as follows: the Giants, the Gods, the Dwarves, the Disir, the Alfar, the vaettir, and the human race.

        Do you know that if you compared the DNA of every man, woman, and child on this earth we are 99.9+% similar to any other person?


  12. Tanniwolf,

    I share 50% of my DNA with a banana too, that does not make me a vegetable, you maybe, not me. That is not how genetics works actually. The ridiculous fallacy that there is only one race is being promoted by only one ethnicity, Jews. That same race is flooding European heritage countries, and only European heritage countries, with non Europeans in an attempt to racially replace and exterminate us. At the same time they are expelling non Jews from Israel. Our unique European ethnicity is approaching extinction levels as a result. Now THAT is hate.

    All biology and all history and genetics demonstrate monumental racial differences in regard to achievement and ability. For example, European civilization has produced great literature, art, music, etc., whereas Black Africans did not even invent the wheel or writing. the IQ differences are profound as well.

    As far as Europeans enslaving people, are you even aware of the current white sex slave going on in Israel using White women and children? Even when made aware of it, most people do nothing because the skin color of the victims is not the right color for them to get politically correct points. African slavery was Jewish too not European. Everyone might want to look at the facts before trusting the same 97 percent Jewish owned media, you know the same one that presented African slavery as “Dutch” rather than Jewish, and the same one that ignores the plight of the current white slaves who are raped until they die for cash in Israel?


  13. A damn fine post, sir. I’m also skeptical of the whole “white culture” and “white history” thing, though I doubt I can explain why as well as you have already done here. (Plus, if we’re going to label people based strictly on skin pigmentation rather than ethnicity and culture, shouldn’t we be calling ourselves “pink” and not “white”?) Anyway, I am glad people like you are out there fighting against the racism that shows up in some areas of Heathenry. I’m sure your Gods and your ancestors are rooting for you. Thank you for posting this.

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    • you fucking white trash and nazi traitor you are going to die for betraying us white folks the aryan brotherhood is going to rape your wife bitch, you are scared of negroes raping you with their dix thats why you sided with them to call us pink , well fuck you and all niggers and niggerlovers i dont need any black friends i only need scandinavian and germanic friends or if anything british and australian also but american nah yall are trash or better said rubbish


  14. Racism is not an activity exclusively practised by Northern Europeans. I think it’s wrong to think you are better than others because of skin colour. I do think it’s fine to be ‘proud’ of yourself, how you look and hour ethnicity. I think it’s healthy to have positive self regard. Just because you do, does not automatically make you racist. I agree with this post, but pride is not a bad feeling. If you are proud of yourself, you should not have to put others down to make yourself feel good. Just because some racist jerks say they are proud of being white does not mean they are using the term correctly. Pride is not about hating others. Don’t let some fools usurpe that word.

    I would like to point out too that slavery has existed all over the world by almost all people. And unfortunately still exists today.


  15. This is a bunch of bs. There is nothing wrong with be proud of being white being a white person it’s ok to embrace your history and don’t let anyone tell you different. This is just another piece to down play the influence of the white race in history and to accept every othe races history but our own. Be proud of who you are and don’t be discouraged from doing so


  16. you are a fucking dumbass dipshit cocksucking harlot and you dont worship Odin you are an egyptian spy, let me tell you the truth dick sucker before the cartels chop your fucking head off , Odin is the father and founder of the Goths, the Germanic white race and the scandinavian vikings, without him there would have been no white people in the world, so yes the Assir were white as were the germanic tribes and vikings but any other like say the celts, lacked genetic purity to be called whites, the spaniards (iberian celts have a genetic makeup different than that of white people as do their brains therefore they are inferior and are hispanic non whites, as are the slavs and romans and so on, you are so fucking dead for your heresy and expect to get killed soon for being a dumb fucking queer sayonara sucker!


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  18. You claim I can’t be proud of my ancient Germanic ancestry and bring up the fact that they were white, etc.
    Because of American history?
    Then you claim whiteness does not exist, yet that whites cant be proud of their race like blacks can.
    You people are always ridiculous.
    Go back to wicca.


  19. Actually, nowhere in my posts on race and Heathenry have I said “don’t be proud of being German”. I said that whiteness is not something to be proud of. White, whiteness, and related concepts were created to serve the wealthy and powerful of Britain, originally. When other colonial powers picked up the term, they then bent ‘whiteness’ to their own use as a way of justifying chattel slavery, the destruction of indigenous religions, and the suppression of what came to be known as black people.

    I have no issue with black pride, and blackness as a category, because a lot of people who are black (or were labeled as such, i.e. the incredibly racist one-drop rule used to disenfranchise blacks, indigenous peoples, etc.) have completely lost the background of where their people come from, or words like African-American are misnomers. In other words, not everyone identified as black is African American. While black is a catch-all term, it was one forced on black people as a way to disenfranchise, control, and encourage poor ‘white people’ (which changed depending on the time you were talking; Germans, Irish, and Italians were all excluded from these categories when America began, for instance) to enforce these methods of disenfranchisement, control, and power. It was a big way that the wealthy could victimize poor ‘whites’, Native people, and blacks alike (in different ways), and take ever-increasing amounts of wealth and power from these poor whites while getting them to enforce the very methods of control that kept them poor, beholden to rich landowners, and also kept those who they could have common cause with to rise up alongside, at bay.

    That you have clearly not read this post, as several others have clearly not read this post, speaks volumes to both your lack of comprehension, and your inability to understand history.

    The concept of race began as a tool in politics whose existence was later justified by people using piss-poor science (including eugenics, early forensic anthropology, etc.) which has been shown to have no basis in the biological sciences which was used to justify the use of and marking of ‘race’. Time was, you were referred to by the place you came from, not ‘white’, ‘black’, ‘red’, ‘yellow’, etc.

    The reason there are no ‘ancient whites’ is because ‘white’ and racial categorization is recent history put into place for political gain and the suppression of lower class people who would otherwise, in colonies such as the American ones, had common cause to (and at points would) unite with First Nation and black people. Black as a racial group was designated by the elite to separate the people now termed ‘blacks’ and ‘black people’ (or Negroes as the word was at the time) from their heritage and to legally assign certain rights to poor white people in contrast to them so the elite could justify why fellow Christians were legally enslaved, had fewer rights, counted as less than a person, etc.

    Black power and black pride are concepts in contrast to white power and white pride which has dominated the Americas and black people for all of its existence, especially as many people who identify (or were identified by the aforementioned policies as black, Native, etc.) were neither given the choice of identification, nor of separation from their family, clan, tribal, national, etc. identity(ies).

    In regards to racism, in America, only white people can be racist, as racism requires the powerful elite, systems of government, society, etc. to have stacked the deck against you based on your race. Prejudice, which is the discrimination of a person because on their ethnicity, skin color, religion, creed, philosophy, etc., is different from racism. Prejudice does not require power, it only requires that you prejudge and/or have a preconceived perception of another person based on qualities you deem disreputable, wrong, etc. not based on reason or actual experience. It does not require discrimination. Racism is the belief that one’s race is inherently superior to another. It may manifest and be defined as the systematic suppression or denial of another’s humanity, rights, etc. based on their skin color, and/or ethnicity.

    Not only did you and others clearly *NOT* read this post, you also failed to accurately represent any of my views, most engaged in rather poor ad hominem attacks, and completely missed the concept of why black pride has needed to exist *at all*.

    You white supremacists are always ridiculous.

    Oh, and throwing around ‘Go back to wicca’ as an insult? Poor form. Also, it’s capitalized as Wicca is a discrete religious category.

    Be proud of your made-up whiteness all you like, and the mounds of bigotry, suffering, and torture it has inspired not only for black people, and First Nation peoples among many, but also probably your own Ancestry. Remember, the very people you’re claiming as ‘whites’ were victims of being claimed to not be white, and were actively discriminated against (despite the legal definition of white supposedly giving them the same rights as, say, those of English backgrounds), Germans among them. I’m sure your Ancestors would be proud.


  20. While people argue and slander us, we are building a great hall on our tribal landstead.

    After building,we water the farm,and walk back to our stone circle and do ritual.

    Then we celebrate our Gods and ancestors,in our sumbel garden we built this past spring.

    Then after hours of reveling,we go to sleep in our traditional Viking tents.

    We are A living breathing working community.


    • Excellent. Good for you. Yet, all of these settings do not excuse your racist policies for entry to your group. You made your racist policies available on the internet and were publicly, rightfully so, called out for it. It is not slander to repeat, nor to call out your group and others like it, for making race a requirement to belong to Irminfolk.

      Whatever good you do does not excuse the racist policies under which your organization operates.


      • We do not seek, nor accept, the permission of cultural marxist social justice warriors when setting our own policies. Your narcissistic delusion about not “permitting” us to function because you don’t like something is feeble.

        With the utter failure of groups such as “HUAR” and its inability to even so much as host a picnic, let alone set policy, or achieve even a single objective; and with the utterly eclectic hodge-podge of new age paganism this rambling blog espouses, I can see that it is clear we are doing the right thing, and our policies are working.

        Thank you for the free publicity.

        Since you published this ramble, we have built a sumbel garden which seats 30, viking tent style sleeping quarters, built an off-grid water system, built a road 2/3 miles long, diverted a swamp, painted several rune stones, and put our banner on top of a 30′ flagpole we made.

        And next weekend we are receiving thousands of dollars in materials for building a longhall.

        I like to think at least some of this was made possible by the revulsion normal people feel when they read the ramblings of a anti-white hate filled communist promoting genocidal ethnomasochism, and sought us out to support our efforts.

        But I doubt it, nobody reads this trash.


      • For as much as you haven’t been seeking my permission or that of other Heathens, you sure like to prance around as though you’re important on our blogs and other spaces.

        Never once did I harbor an illusion about permitting you to function. Rather, I was using and will continue to use my voice to to speak out against your group and its racist policies. As I said in the post above, which you and your fellows seem incapable of reading, I am not seeking to, nor can I deny you your right to gather. I do, however, deny you and yours approval, and will continue to do so, especially so long as race is one of the means to join your organization.

        If you are so secure in your teachings and policies, then what I have to say should matter very little. I would think that the majority of your organization would have more important things to do than harass my readers or throw personal insults at myself and others who have commented here. Indeed, it would seem to be the case, considering how much you crowed about what you have done.

        I find it interesting how you accuse myself and others of genocidal ethno masochism when the very policies you support and put up for your organization mirror those of actual genocidal regimes.


      • Somebody sent me a link, drawing my attention to the fact you were referring to me by name, and that you hide behind a pseudonym.

        I am not of the custom, like social justice warriors, Liberals, communists, and other ineffectual degenerates, to sit around in front of a computer screen all day dreaming of ways to be a pathetic victim by way of someone else’s business. But since you use my name; AND because as a result of the topics you cover we had received threats of violence worded in the same narcissistic Dunning Kruger affected tones as this blog; it is my business and has directly effected me in a tangible way.

        That said, I am grateful for this spaztic frenzy of hatred you have engendered among the fat slob communist loser community as it works as just another layer of filter material to prevent feeble useless people from wasting our time if they should accidentally seek us out. You pre-screen the freaks for us.

        The more the liberal echo chamber circle jerks itself on the internet into inactivity the better. We benefit greatly by not having you cowardly mincing prancing freaks around.

        Keep up the good work.


  21. I love how stupid many of these replies are. That they can’t understand the difference between skin color and ethnic heritage and keep arguing with their own idea of what you’re saying is so funny it makes me hopeful. If they can’t even READ words correctly then they really are no threat. The fact is that we are not born on an even playing field. If we were African-American people would be the wealthiest Americans because they did the work. We’re born into a world where wyrd has layers of racism, sexism, classism, etc and we can use our orlog to perpetuate it or change it. Heathens know the Norns can’t be escaped. We’re all living with the mistakes of the past and can change the future.

    The radical book Decolonization Handbook by some cutting edge Native American activists suggests that blood quota no longer be the way someone gets to call themselves a member of a tribe. Instead do they know the language, do they know the indigenous ways of living with that land? Can they do that tribe’s practical skills, tell the stories, manage conflict by the old ways – or are they living like average Americans? Blood quota matters less, they argue, than restoring the lifeways of the tribe. Plus there must be mandatory service to the tribe, no getting a degree and abandoning the rez.

    The person listing atrocities by people with Jewish or African heritage fail to realize that humans of all cultures do horrific things. They also do amazing wonderful things. What you search for is what you’ll find.

    Proud to be white? Proud of DNA fluke? How bizarre. Biology has shown races don’t even exist. But the uneven playing field that favors those closest to the white skinned, heterosexual, male, able bodied, young, literate, tall, full head of hair, wealthy (in global terms) person DOES EXIST.

    Every ethnic culture brings gifts to the world. I and most Heathens I hope do not wish to tear down this existing Monoculture and replace it with another.

    Thank you for showing there are intelligent heathens with critical thinking skills and allowing those who parrot dogma to be shown as the terrified ignorant minority. They may be loud online, but that shows how little they live life.

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  22. I came upon this conversation rather late, but Sarenth’s replies are well-reasoned and logical attempt to educate some poorly informed human beings. I am glad you took your stand against racist thinking and the limited mindset of “whiteness.” I suspect that as Americans we might think of ourselves more as “children of the melting pot.” Certainly I cannot claim any racial purity, but I have a good working relationship with the old Gods and Goddesses nonetheless.

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