I wrote this post a few days ago, but I find it is still quite relevant.  

I am writing a small paper with a tight deadline, and I have racked my brain the last two days trying to think of how to start.  I know that once I start I can at least get somewhere well enough that I have ground under my feet.  I just can’t make it happen.  I’m frustrated and staring down the barrel at a deadline in a day, and I want to write this well.  So I do what people like me do when they hit a wall: I make an offering.

I am poor.  At this moment I have -$0.01 in my checking account.  When I buy things purely as offerings, even if they are cheap, that means a great deal to me, and from everything the Gods, Spiritkeepers, Ancestors, and vaettir have said and shown me, it does to Them too.  So I made coffee.  Coffee is one of the few things, with the taboos I am under, that I can enjoy.  My wonderful fiancee recently bought me two bags of coffee, one of is open.  It is medium roast Arabica , and tastes wonderful.  I brewed a cup and took the first half of it, put it into my coffee cup, and poured it out in offering to Them next to a bush.

I came back in, sat down, and started writing.  After a few minutes the words started flowing, and eventually, I had something written.

I don’t believe every relationship, or even every exchange is quite so quid pro quo, but sometimes when you need help and you ask, offering in good Gebo, the Holy Powers respond.

  1. June 23, 2014 at 6:33 am

    Reblogged this on Taigh Darach and commented:
    Yes, yes, a million times yes! When we maintain good relationship with the various powers we shall find, in various ways and in time, that they too are willing to help in good stead…..As gift should be honnored with a gift.

    Reading Sarath (Did I spell that right? I apologize if I didn’t because my screen reader tells me her name weirdly) post about offerings remind me that except for on occasions when I have extra to buy things that can be given specifically as an offering by itself, I must remember that giving a bit of your meals, especially in affection and friendship, is a powerful way of maintaining the bonds I have with the Aos Sidhe.

    • June 29, 2014 at 1:04 am

      It is Sarenth. ^_^

      I am glad that this post touched you, and is helping you to remember to give in affection and friendship with the spirits.

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