Paganism: Money is Bad, Right?

Something I think all Pagans need to think on. A damned good look at the problems with the communities and money.

Pagan Activist

images (1)–by Shauna Aura Knight
The question, “Should Pagans charge for services/rituals/events/classes” comes up with some frequency within our community. One of my activist goals is looking at underlying difficulties and assumptions in our culture and how that impacts us.

Pagans (and people, for that matter) have a really unhealthy relationship with money.

It’s one of our cultural “shadows.” Any shadow causes us communal grief. For me, activism is about looking at those cultural shadows and working with them. What are our current assumptions about money? How do those assumptions get in the way of healthy communities and future community resources?

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2 thoughts on “Paganism: Money is Bad, Right?

    • You are most welcome. 😀 I feel this is a conversation that desperately needs to happen, especially as more and more people want temples, priests, counselors, diviners, oracles, shamans, and the like. We can’t eat nothing, and if we are supposed to be dedicated to this work we need to eat.


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