Kemetic Round Table: Daily Ritual Basics

An excellent breakdown of the basics of daily Kemetic ritual. Check it out!

In Jackal-Infested Waters

Daily Ritual Basics: What does daily practice entail? Can I practice as a solitary Kemetic, or do I need to join a group of Kemetics? Do I need to do daily rites for the gods? How do I make or perform a daily ritual?

Some of these questions depend on the context in which you’d be performing a daily ritual. Are you approaching it from the perspective of a lay-person or a priest? Is the motivation for doing a daily ritual mostly for yourself or for the god (or both?) These are important to ask because the laity in Ancient Egypt wouldn’t have had to attend to any of the daily needs of the gods, because that is specifically what the temple priesthoods were for. Granted, the offerings with which the gods were fed largely came from the surrounding populace and so they weren’t exactly uninvolved. Daily deity-centric ritual wasn’t…

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