Day 14 and 15: Empowerment -30 Days of Magic Talisman Challenge

So the Internet decided it did not want to work while I was up yesterday and much of today, so I am happy to be able to post today.  The daily empowerment work was done, and both talismans are chugging right along.  I still find it cool how I can feel the energy shift forward each time I do this working.  It’s sometimes subtle, and sometimes very present, especially with every ‘full day’ the talismans turn.

I think one of the dangers that can come up when working like this, especially in sharing this work, is that people will look at others’ work and go “I’m not doing enough” or “My talisman doesn’t have as many cool/interesting/powerful things as part of it.”  Each person has their own relationship with the Gods, Ancestors, and spirits.  Each person may need to do more or less work, up front, to do the work for the talisman.  For instance, not all of the work I do with the talisman is up front.  In addition to the every day work, I do a weekly offering of alcohol and blood, and regularly change out the water offerings I give.

Each talisman might require more or less work depending on the talisman and what it is supposed to do.  If I was doing a single Rune amulet, for Ansuz I might galdr Its name everyday and once a week sing It a song or spend a half hour doing a mantra of its Name.  There’s a wide range of things one can do, and really, the limits are between oneself and the Gods, Ancestors, and spirits involved with the talisman.


Link to the Creation Ritual.

Link to Daily Empowerment Work.

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