Day 13: Empowerment -30 Days of Magic Talisman Challenge

Today’s work was simple and straightforward.  This Rune talisman is a bit unlike other talismans I’ve done.  When I fashioned Haniel talismans some years ago there was the initial empowerment work, the calling to Haniel, prayers, and offerings, much like with the Rune talismans.  However, the talismans were a focus for the operation, not part of the operation itself, and while they were present for the work with Haniel, they acted more as sponges for the energies, squeezed for them when they were needed, rather than with the Runic talisman, in which the energies are being built like one might with a windmill charging a battery.

Link to the Creation Ritual.

Link to Daily Empowerment Work.

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