Odin Project: Day 1

Inspired by Galina Krasskova, I will also be devoting the month of November to writing to the Allfather each day.

This first piece is written after the style of the Havamal and details an exchange when He brought me to Him.

Upon the mountain | a challenge given

Plucked the eye freely offered

Orb formed of Your flesh | pressed firmly deep

Waking the wolf within

4 thoughts on “Odin Project: Day 1

  1. I think it’s a great idea. Yesterday I was wondering if there was a such project for Odin. I’ll be glad to participate on my blog(in French only unfortunately, I’m not ready to write in English and drop my poor words on the web XD).


  2. Reblogged this on L e    C a i r n and commented:
    Sarenth propose un projet intéressant pour le mois de novembre. Pour celles et ceux qui ont suivi, il y a avait eu le “Loki’s Project” lancé par G. Krasskova en juillet, c’est le même principe. Je vais tâcher d’y participer (en français :p) mais je ne vous promets pas un article par jour, ca va déjà être assez ardu de trouver comment m’exprimer à ce sujet…


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