6 thoughts on “Any Ideas or Questions?

  1. I dunno. I read your blog since a moment right now but still not very frequently. This is my first comment because I’m able to read in english, but not to write it.


  2. Well I had been totally taken aback (and heart broken) by your piece “she sees” which was posted before this one I guess… I was about to ask it was supposed to describe Hel, and if you work with her, because I had NEVER seen you speak about such work.

    I’m also intrigued about “wyrd weaving”, I saw several times you mentionned Frigga, but you might also work on that with Hel ?


    • I wrote “She Sees” as a poem of praise and how I saw Hyndla. Although, reading back over it, I can see how Hel could fit this, too.

      By and large I do not work with Hel as a main part of my Work, at least, She has not tapped on me directly.

      Re: Wyrd weaving: an idea that I ran into awhile ago, that I feel is correct via my UPG and looking at Her in lore, that Frigga weaves the Wyrd of all people, that this is how She knows it, and will not speak of it. I do not see Hel so much as weaving Wyrd, so much as, for lack of better words, untangling or straightening. Perhaps this could be said to be Skuld’s job, but I see Skuld more as preparing for the rest of the pattern for the weave and weft of Wyrd, of setting up the patterns so they interlock, so that Verdandi can weave them in the present moment. I am not sure. This is something I need to give more and deeper thought. I encourage you to explore this too, and let me know what you find.


      • Oh dear !!!! That who I saw !!! I saw Hyndla first…. I don’t know wy I asked about Hel. Actually the two could correspond here… Did you met Hyndla then ? Did you work with her a little ? There are so few people talking about such things…

        For someone who does not directly work with Hel, you have seen and understood so much…

        My question about the weaving is precisely linked to the association I mentionned between Hyndla and Hel… but also the Norns. A very private business of mine, but no one seems to talk about such issues. Frigga was the first to knock on my door a while ago… and now my “triad” is kind of ringing a bell considering all this. I’m looking at others’ “UPG” where I can… I’ll be glad to discuss via gmail if you still have my email.


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