Loki Project Day 20

Thank You, Loki

For never sparing me

Heart, mind, or soul

From Your lashing tongue

Each lash has rent its own

Layer of bullshit

Till You and Your Blood Brother

brought me tender, tearful

And through those same tongues

Made me more than I’ve ever been

4 thoughts on “Loki Project Day 20

  1. If you haven’t thought about it already, I think you should propose an ebook or real book 😉 It could be free on your blog if you prefer that way (since your texts are available here) But you have written so much and so beautiful pieces, you definitely have materials for a devotional book 🙂 (I actually began to put your pieces in a document 😉 )


    • Thank you, Valiel. That’s an interesting idea. Here’s another I had: perhaps this is something I will continue on doing for awhile, and maybe after a year of this, make a devotional book. Not sure which God or Goddess I would do for August yet, though.


      • The two are viable and non exclusive after all 😉 Since you publish so much on your blog, your poems etc, I thought about a place that could gather them. Of course a more specific devotional book would be great too ! But you have a lot of material for a poetry/hymn book, you know what I mean ? Whatever Gods concerned…


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