Loki Project Day 14

I could read all the books in the world about You, and still not know You.  I could dig holes in all the places where You were first called, and never find You.  I could seek You in all the countries Your myths came from, and never see You.  I could seek out the best storytellers in the world to regale me with Your tales, and never hear You.  I could touch all Your images and holy places and never feel You.  I could do all these things and more, but to no avail, if my heart, mind and spirit have no place for You.

I erect the Hof in my heart, that it may be stirred and welcoming to You.  I erect the Hof in my mind, that it may be open and inviting to You.  I erect the Hof in my soul, that it may be pure and open my Being to You.

I welcome You with all I am.  I welcome You into my life, my Work, Myself, because in knowing You I have been blessed beyond measure.  In knowing You, I know that failure bring lessons.  In knowing You, I know lessons bring change.  In knowing You, I have become a better person.  In knowing You, I have had to change.  In knowing You, my Work is better fulfilled.  In knowing You, I know peace in chaos.  In knowing You, I am more than I was.

Thank You for coming into my life.  Thank You for inflicting Yourself where I was closed.  Thank You for showing me a God I would be far poorer for never having known.

Ves ðu heil, Loki.

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