Loki Project Day 11

Weariness has settled in my bones

Death rattles on my tongue

You stay beneath Yggdrasil’s leaves

Looking hale and young


My heart beats heavy in my chest

My blood has run its course

You stand there solemn, waiting

The mother of my horse


My eyes close in Death’s embrace

I hear you softly cry

And in the dreams of Life I find

The reason why I die


You wait beside the hanging Tree

The vigil long, it lasts

Into Gap and darkened reach

The Runes I find at last


My ever-sweet companion

My brother in the blood

My lover who waits beneath my feet

Within the puddling mud


I lose you for a moment

Forever and an age

My soul crying out across the Worlds

I cannot see your face


Then as sudden as I left

My eyes open wide

Yet only one sees your face

The one that’s left behind


Life comes to me in sudden haste

You help me off the Yew

You bind my wounds and tend my ills

Beloved and renewed


Sacrifice to he

Who held his vigil long

Who loves in spit of all I’ve said

In spite of all I’ve done

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