E is for Electricity: The Pagan Blog Project

About half an hour or so ago, power in our neighborhood died.  We were plunged into darkness.  We scrambled around for a little while, grabbing cellphones and flashlights.  As I grabbed a white candle, I paused and thought about what life would be like without cheap energy.  If life was like this all the time.  How I relied so deeply on cheap, abundant energy for school, leisure, and work.  What would I do if this all ended?


I do not have answers to that right yet.  I will be going for an M.A. in Counseling come next year, if everything goes well.  I am not sure how to make it work without electricity at the moment.  Perhaps I will have space in an office powered by solar panels.  Perhaps things will be okay for a few years in the future, enough for me to get established in a community, practice, or other space.

Many talents that I have lay in areas powered by electricity, such as my photography and graphic design.  I am more efficient at typing than handwriting, and I tend to do touch-ups on my drawings digitally.  I keep in contact with my friends and family through my cell phone and computer.  I pray with my son, who does not live with me, over the phone.  I keep in contact with my spiritual community through Facebook, IMs, and of course, WordPress.  If electricity were to vanish I would lose a lot of really important connections.

I am grateful for electricity.  I have access to countless sources of information because of it.  I have access to resources such as permaculture and organic gardening due to electricity.  I know so much about my Gods’ myths and legends because of electricity.  You can read this because of electricity.  I can see responses because of it.  The things electricity allows me to do are really blessings, something I will try to remember each day, and not just when the lights go out.

4 thoughts on “E is for Electricity: The Pagan Blog Project

  1. If the world lost power, I would make it a point to walk my ass over to you once everything got settled down so that we could collaborate and write down what we know for our students.


    • Thank you Jarod. That means a lot to me! I would hope that we could do that well before the power goes out. It’s part of why I’m working with my local Transition movement and like-minded people wherever I can. Far better that we have those connections and communities well before we need them!


    • Thank you Valiel. Sometimes having electricity gets so…blase that I don’t even notice sometimes till it goes off. Sometimes I need that whack upside the head to remember that “Hey, this Peak Oil thing? It’ll be more challenging than losing power for a few hours, so get to it!”


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