Taking Time

Relaxing is not doing nothing.  This is something I have had to repeat to myself a couple of times today.  I started to pick up my drum and my drum’s spirit horse just shook his head and brought me back to my body, where I found my drumming stopping.  I tried to knuckle down and do some serious, in-depth writing on my theology and spiritual work, and just found myself scratching my head asking “Okay…where do I start?”

I did this for another hour or so before I heard the Allfather sigh in irritation when I asked Him if there was something He wanted me to do.  All He said to me in reply was “Do you ever let yourself take a break?” and was silent.  I thought about this for awhile.  I had just worked with my group on an intense healing ritual last weekend.  I took a makeup exam for my math course and finished a take-home test from my German course over the course of this week.  I’d given offerings today, I transplanted four aloe plants into two new pots, and made dinner.  Yeah, I guess I did need a break.

Sometimes just taking time and enjoying myself is a hard thing for me to do.  To just…relax.  Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on doing something at all times, but we rarely take the time to do relaxing.  Making myself stop and do nothing stimulating, just sitting in my own juices, even with the years that I’ve been doing meditation and trance-work can take some effort.  Sometimes a lot of it.  So I’ll be taking some time this weekend to just…do nothing.  It may not be long, it may not last the whole day, but I think that time to relax, fully relax, is a recharge anyone in our culture could use.  Hope your weekend is relaxing.

4 thoughts on “Taking Time

  1. Absolutely. Even though I just posted about not wasting time, I do not believe that real relaxation and fun is a waste of time, in fact it is vital for people who push themselves most of the time. Burnout doesn’t get anyone further. I have to remember this myself, often. So instead, I try to go just as deeply into my down-time as I do into my Work, and make the most of it when I can get it.


    • It has been a challenge at times for me to remember to relax. I think it’s funny how our posts have kind of played off each other though, one exploring one avenue and the other exploring another. *chuckles* I need to learn to take better advantage of downtime, that’s for sure.


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