Conversation with Landvaettir

I was getting ready to head out to class when the landvaettir got ahold of me.  They asked me to bring a pack of cigarettes that I bought when I was near an accident about a year ago, that I smoked at the time for one of the spirits in the accident.  It seemed to sooth him, make him less irritable and hell of a lot more likely to listen to me.

I don’t, as a general rule, smoke.  The only times I do are in spirit-work, and at that, only tobacco or herbs that are safe to.  It’s not something I want to be hooked on, and I don’t want to lose the sacredness of working with the plants to addiction.  So when spirits ask me to smoke for Them, whether in communication, prayer, or offering, I tend to listen.  The smoking takes me out of my everyday, normal routine, and helps to put me in a mode of listening intently.  My ‘mouth’ is shut, taking in the smoke as my ‘ears’ take in the words of the spirits.  It’s effective, and something that is not asked of me very often.

So I asked the landvaettir what they needed to speak with me about.  The answer came in a number of ways: intuition, little flashes of what they were communicating to me, but after a few moments I asked Them to help convert it to ‘hearing’, as I needed to see where I was going since I was crossing parking lots.  When you ask the spirits to meet you halfway in seriousness, in my experience, They respond and accommodate if the request is genuine and helps the communication.  So the images switched to a kind of breathy, wispy voice.  I was listening to Spirit of Albion by Damh the Bard and Bast by Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus to block out others’ conversations and background noise; pretty effective.  So again, I asked what They wanted to talk to me about.

What it amounted to was a request to spend more time outside communing with Them, praying to Them, connecting to Them.  They want to hear my drum more often, want me to get out of my stuffy dorm room and be on campus enjoying the world around me.  They also want me to stop picking up every little thing and “let others take responsibility too”, that providing the example and doing the magic I had learned from Root and Stone by Galina Krasskova was nice, but cleaning the world around me was not my job alone.  How they put it was “you’re a bridge between the worlds, not their feet.”  If they want to meet the spirits halfway, that is their choice.  I can show people the path, in this case through example in action, but the choice needs to be theirs to help save this world.  Something I’ll be chewing on for awhile yet.

2 thoughts on “Conversation with Landvaettir

  1. Wow…. it moved me actually.

    The end is pretty intense… What do you exactly mean with this paragraph ?

    “If they want to meet the spirits halfway, that is their choice. I can show people the path, in this case through example in action, but the choice needs to be theirs to help save this world. Something I’ll be chewing on for awhile yet. “


    • When I walk around campus I tend to try to pick up every bit of trash. The landvaettir’s point to me was that I shouldn’t be, that part of the responsibility of that work should be borne by others, though They appreciate what I did and do.

      The working I learned from Root, Stone and Bone: Honoring Andvari and the Vaettir of Money by Galina Krasskova was that each time I pick up litter to put my magic or Will out there that others follow my example. That can’t happen if I am constantly doing their job of helping keep up the world around us. I can only do so much, and I have to recognize where my work ends and others’ begins.

      If spirits want to contact people, that is something I can help with; if not, well, I can try to convince and try to help them establish that contact, but at some juncture the responsibility falls on the person in question. I am learning a bit lately about my boundaries and where they lie in relation to other people, Gods, and spirits.


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