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Regular Practice

Given I have had a lot of questions about my spiritual practice, I thought I would post about regular practice and its importance.  Regular practice is a grounding, centering, and empowering regular practice that has seen me through some hard times, regardless of where my spiritual life has had its foundations.  My daily work provides a grounding on which to build my faith, providing continuous communication and connection to the Gods, Ancestors, landvaettir and other spirits.

While I find that deep, connective rituals are very good for this, it is the daily work that makes these bigger, more complex rituals work.  It provides the connection to the Gods in an everyday manner, something that empowers the relationship, allows it to stretch and grow with much more elasticity than, say, a powerful ritual once a month.  Think about it; what tends to be better for the body: a single day of powerful, intense exercise, or longer-term, lower-impact repetitious exercise?  Sure, for some people the former works, but for most the latter is better.  It doesn’t burn you out as hard, and provides opportunities to step-up slower over time, giving you time to adapt to the new ‘burn’.

Below I’ve listed some of my daily practices; these sometimes change due to time, and circumstances, and they certainly aren’t as organized, as say, a horarium.

1. When I wake up I usually spend my shower intoning the names of my Gods three times; it’s both connective, soothing, and empowering.

2. Given I can’t use incense or light a candle, I have a glass plate of herbs. I mix these herbs up by hand and the fragrance kind of rushes out, like a light perfuming mixture. I offer this to my Gods, Ancestors, the landvaettir (land spirits) and other spirits with whom I work. If I have alcohol, especially mead, I offer it in my brass chalice. I do this either at the beginning of my day when I leave my room to go to class or when I come back from it.

3. When I am on my way to class I tend to commune with my Gods either through dialogue with Them, prayer, or using my prayer beads representing Midgard, the Bifrost Bridge, and Asgard.  When my iPod is charged, I use different playlists to connect to my Gods, Ancestors, and spirits.

4. I pick up trash and litter on my way to and from class, honoring the landvaettir and putting out magic with each piece I pick up, that others would do the same.

5. I meditate before my altar to connect to my Gods, Ancestors, the landvaettir or spirits I work with as They call me.

6. About once a week, if not two to three times, I drum and move into trance, doing out of body work for some reason or another.

7. At least once a week I use the Runes for another person in service to the communities I work with.

8. I do God/dess possession for others at least once a week so members of my spiritual community can commune with their God(s) in a solid, impacting way.

9. I do work as assigned to me by the Gods. Right now I’m taking Intro to German classes so I can better understand my Gods, and some of the texts about Them. Odin asked me to do this. It turns out it was a good move; the Masters level Counseling I want to do would benefit from it.

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  1. February 27, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Wow, that’s huge. Inspiring too. I have a lot to improve as far as my schedule is concerned. Taking it bit by bit…

    What do you exactly mean by class ? Are you a teacher ? Or back to school yourself ?

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