Starting Stadhagaldr (Runic Yoga)

I began doing Stadhagaldr yesterday around 11pm.  I find that, depending on how you do it, this Yoga adjusts its difficulty and strain.  When I began yesterday, I did short, 4 second inhale, 2 second hold, 4 second exhale, full breaths.  Today, when I started at 10pm, I did longer, more full breaths, but loops of 4 seconds inhaling and 4 seconds exhaling with no hold.  The effect is very different.  Wednesday’s Stadhagaldr was much more impacting in terms of how my muscles reacted (granted, I had just started), whereas today the circular breath seems to help with the strain of some of the positions.  I am finding the toughest positions so far are .  Each of these requires a stance I’m not totally used to yet; I’m still improving on my one-legged balance, so I am adjusting to both and .  The deep breathing helps with stabilization and strain, and I had a much easier time today holding the stances than yesterday.

When I begin my practice, I breathe deep in 4-4 circular breath 3 times in a row, then breathe deep and call on Odin, Vili and Ve, They who gave us life.  Then I go through all twenty-four Runic positions, starting of course with .  With each Rune I do three 4-4 circular breaths, intoning the Rune through each exhale, and not stopping at the third end.  At the end of the third exhale, I breathe in, and then exhaling, intone the next Rune.  If I have difficulty with a Runic pose, I keep breathing and inhaling until I get it right, then move on.  During each Rune, I visualize myself embodying that Rune, taking it into myself, breathing through the Rune, becoming the Rune, and transforming on the third exhalation into the next Rune.  This discipline should be beneficial on a number of levels, so I will be posting my progress as I go, and sharing any happenings that occur from it.

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