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Taking Up Leatherworking

So I started up leatherworking with a friend of mine yesterday.  I had a leather trenchcoat I bought from the Salvation Army, so I spent most of my time cutting away the inner lining and various attachments to the leather.  It isn’t perfect, but it’s a damned big coat, so I am working on a set of bracers and my first bag.  The first bracer and the bag pattern is cut, so all that I need to do is cut the other bracer our, then make the holes for the grommets for the braces, and tap the holes into the bag outline.  It’s going along swimmingly, so perhaps by next week I’ll have my first three leather pieces!  I’m excited, and I’m happy I was able to reuse the coat.  I used this coat, along with my leather hat for outdoor shamanic work, so I am glad to be putting it into other shamanic work.

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