Prophecy for 2011

I will admit, this is the first Rune Reading Prophecy I’ve ever done for a year.  I was not originally going to put this out, but I have been asked by Odin to.  If you have questions, comments, disagreements or suggestions, please post them here.

My Prophecy for 2011:

In Niflheim, the primal land of Ice, the land of the subconscious, of the things that people stall on, we have Dagaz and Eihwaz . This, to me, says that people are leaning more toward getting their daily cycles down, improving their lot, working to make the necessary changes inside with strength and reliability. Yet, it also means that a lot of this progress is simply in the mind right now, and not everyone is doing the work, frozen in old cycles (which is what Dagaz can symbolize here).

In Musplheim, the primal land of Fire, the land of passions, immediate desires, overt use of power, the things that people push themselves to, we have Mannaz merkstave (Rune is inverted) and Raido .  This, to me, says a lot of people are trying to do this ‘go it alone’ to their detriment, as Mannaz usually means loving partners, cleaving unto one another for support, and, at times I interpret this as a loving community.  Raido is a symbol of the wagon, the long journey, and no wagon train lives long with a single driver.  It tells me that people are trying far too hard to be independent, treating one another as steps in their long journey rather than partners.  On a macro scale this means more use of people, and less of people coming together and fixing things.  I see the situations in war worsening, not getting better.

In Helheim, the land of the Dead, the Ancestors, things that may come to die, we have Algiz and Jera .  Algiz has many meanings, not the least of which are the Yew Tree, and in an alternate spelling and meaning, Elhaz, the Elk.  What this says to me are radically different things: the Yew Tree was a symbol of death and rebirth.  It was planted over the graves of the Dead in honor, so they could be reborn, or so their spirit would always be near, since these trees were planted on grave mounds.  Yew was also seen as a protective tree.  In terms of Elhaz, the Elk, you have the virility and power of the Elk itself, and the protection of its antlers.  Jera, meanwhile, means ‘year’, and refers to long cycles where Dagaz , ‘day’, refers to short ones.  Jera also refers to harvest, to cultivation.  What we’ll see in the next year is probably more animal death than we’ve seen in a long time; already animals are dropping dead in amazing numbers.  Yes, sometimes that simply happens due to environmental factors, but it seems to me that there will be more animal deaths.  There will also be more need, for instance, in Michigan, to cull herds that are spiraling out of control.  The cycles of life and death are screwed up; balancing needs to occur.  On a macro scale, I see animal deaths on the rise, pollution and such may be a factor, i.e. from factory farming, and the crop yields this year will be low, and there may be famine or so low a yield the nation will be affected, such as through the coming hurricane season.

In Svartalfheim, the land of the Dwergar, the Dwarves, the land of crafting and doing things with your hands, the land of creating physical goods and objects, we have Thurisaz and Othila . Thurisaz is both Thor’s Rune and the Jotuns’ Rune. I see the former upright, the latter merkstave. This Thurisaz is upright. What I see is people protecting their things, of putting a lot of energy into making sure they stay safe or create safe situations, perhaps arming themselves, perhaps ‘preparing for the worst’. Next to it is Othila, the Rune of the Odal lands, the Ancestral Home, or home, deep-rooted community, and/or deep-rooted family or clan, chosen or not. What it tells me is we’re going to keep seeing people making intentional communities, coming together and crafting what they need for communities, developing deeper relationships with their Ancestors, perhaps even more genealogy work. On a macro scale, this tells me that production is going to be put toward defense of one’s home, or the destruction of foes in one’s home. Thurisaz is translated into “Thorn”, so an escalation of worldwide conflicts over sovereignty will occur.

In Midgard, the land of now, the astral plane, our physical world, we have Pertho merkstave, Uruz merkstave , and Wunjo .  Pertho is the Rune of Mystery, birth, and the outpouring of information.  Here, merkstave, it tells me that secrets will not be easily kept, if at all.  It also tells me that we are inundated with information, so much that it is becoming hard to parse reality from invention.  Uruz merkstave tells me that we are ecologically and physically going to be weaker this year.  Mass outbreaks of ‘dead’ virii and bacteria, more dead due to starvation and privation due to what we’ve already talked about.  Uruz is the auroch, the ‘water buffalo’ of the Northern European peoples.  Here, merkstave, it tells me that we’ll probably see die-offs, wasting, or especially disease in our cattle.  Wunjo, meanwhile is the light of hope in this reading.  Wunjo is harmony, happiness, and the family, telling me that in the coming year, families will need to work together in harmony more than ever before to make it.  This is regardless of whether the family is blood or chosen; people need to rely on one another more in the coming year to make it.  On a macro scale, this can, as I mentioned before, mean outpouring of secrets; just look at Wikileaks.  It also tells me that private information will cease to be so, as people are more and more putting themselves online, or simply having their information catalogued.  Expect die-offs or immense amount of recalls of ‘tainted meat’, in other words the cattle are sick and/or dying.  Mad cow might come to the U.S.  However, in cleaving together we can weather these problems, in coming together for our greater good, the world can help to overcome these problems.

In Alfaheim, the land of the light elves, the land of dreams, hopes, and illusion, we have Ansuz merkstave , Kenaz merkstave , and Sowilo .  Ansuz is the Rune of Divine Communication; to be blunt, people are not listening to their Gods on a massive scale.  That, or the spirits are shouting to be heard (which is possibly the more likely case), given the vaettir are often tied to the land, air, etc. which, as we covered earlier, is in crisis.  Kenaz merkstave is not good; torches were used to mark one’s property, both physically and spiritually, and are symbols of enlightenment and understanding.  Merkstave, this means that personal property will be less honored, that over the year many people will turn to ways that do not offer them enlightenment, and that people will be grasping for straws as to what to do, turning to illusory, small improvements when what may be needed is to let go of things that hold them back.  We are successfully digging ourselves deeper into a hole where both our relationships with the Gods/spirits and enlightenment (progress in culture, equality, holding people’s property as their own, sovereignty again, etc.)  On a macro scale this will mean deluded religious movements gaining more power, seeking to take rights away from others on a more determined scale.  It will also mean nations ignoring the solutions in front of them, marking what they feel is theirs and not taking responsibility for their actions when things get screwed up.  Expect more ecological disasters, more encroaching of bigger governments over smaller.  Sowilo does give hope, in that exposing these things for what they are, in bringing the power of the Sun to bear we may have a chance in frustrating these efforts.

In Jotunheim, the land of the Jotuns, the primal Elemental Gods, the giants, the land of chaos and primal nature spirits, we have Isa, Ehwaz merkstave, and Laguz merkstave.

Isa is the Rune of Ice, and is a Rune of reflection, as well as stagnation.

Ehwaz is the Rune of Sleipnir, the Rune of swift movement, passage, and travel.  Laguz is the Rune of Water, of passage to the land of the Dead (as kings were placed in boats that were cast to sea and set on fire), healing, and love.  Taken together, these Runes are not in a good position at all.  The primal forces of Ice, Air (to me, Sleipnir’s Rune elementally is Air), and Water are all in a point of rocking this world.  I would expect bigger snowstorms this year, and next year, and a harder storm season all around.  Isa may also be asking us to pause in moving so swift on things, to wait before moving in terms of love, to feel things out more fully.  To move within this chaotic time, slower is better, deliberate, slow movements toward a better future to balance out the other two Runes.  What can also be said, is that travel through the air will probably be brought to a screeching halt in many places.  Travel of all kind will be interrupted; perhaps the chaos of so much war will drive prices for fuel to points where many people, again, cannot afford to fill up on gas, for instance.  On a macro scale this means that many of the things we’re used to swiftly resolving, whether travel or communication, need to slow down.  We need to actually communicate with allies, resolve communication issues, and dialogue, both personally and in terms of nations, needs to actually happen.  We have a lot of people talking at each other, both in terms of our national rhetoric and in terms of dialogue between nations, but few listeners in either realm.  To sort out our chaos we need to learn to speak to each other again, in productive dialogue.  Without this, we will stay mired in the relationships we have, worsening what is already a bad situation in many cases (i.e. Iran and the US, North Korea and South Korea, etc.).

In Vanaheim, the land of the Vanir, the agricultural Gods of the Northern European peoples, the land of agriculture and growth, we have Berkana and Hagalaz .  Berkana is the Rune of the birch tree, a tree that, when cut down, will grow new through the cut area.  It is a symbol of slow, progressive healing, or slow growth.  Hagalaz is the Rune of Destruction, the Rune of the hail ice storm, the ice egg that, after destruction can provide life.  Agriculturally, this does not look good whatsoever.  The long growing vegetables and plants that feed us could well be decimated, whether by snow and ice, or by destructive forces such as locusts, disease, fungii, etc.  On a macro scale, as mentioned previous this will contribute to the hunger of the world, and destruction of crops will take place on such a scale that all will feel it.

In Asgard, the land of the Aesir, the Gods of civilization for the ancient Northern European peoples, the land of power and magic, we have Ingwaz , Naudhiz merkstave , Gebo , and Fehu merkstave.  Ingwaz is the Rune of Ingvi, also known as Freyr, the Rune symbolizing simple strengths and simple pleasures.  Naudhiz is the Rune of Need, literally meaning ‘need’, and symbolizes the need-fire, and the things needed to survive.  Gebo is the Rune of gift-for-a-gift, the Rune of exchange and especially reciprocation.  Fehu is the Rune of Fertility, wealth, and status, the other Rune of Freyr.  Ingwaz is the message from the Gods that each needs to engage his or her simple strengths and pleasures; the scholar needs to be the scholar, and not try to be something they are not.  Capitalizing on one’s strengths will bring opportunity for change, and will bring simple pleasures, such as a warm home, good meal, or a satisfied feeling to life in the coming year.  Naudhiz merkstave is telling us we need to concentrate, from this point of strength, on what we need, and to not ignore that need.  To not engage so much in the simple pleasures that we forget, or simply don’t do what needs to be done.  What needs to be done will differ person to person, but the daily rituals of life need to be observed, one’s place in the community needs to be honored, and the needs of oneself and one’s family especially need to be met.  Gebo is asking us to give to the Gods as well as to one another, to live in reciprocation to those we live with, and the Gods and spirits.  Fehu merkstave is telling us that our wealth will decline, that food will become more scarce, that status needs to be put aside to deal with the problems we face.  On a macro level, this means that countries need to focus on making more things within their borders rather than importing to make it through.  It means that our nations need to focus more on the daily needs of its people rather than an arbitrary ‘bottom line’.  There must be reciprocation between the peoples of nations, and nations themselves.  As food declines, as things get harder and belts get tighter, we are going to need to look out for one another.  Already, people that used to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone bankrupt; millionaires are leaving their mansions; status is falling everywhere around us.  To counterbalance our losses we need to pull together, and it will start and end in communities.  To make it through this point in time, we must give gift-for-a-gift, both to one another and to the Gods.

  1. January 27, 2011 at 1:52 am

    I agree, good reading…I keep getting Thurisaz.

  2. January 27, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Thank you Heidilore. I hope that it helps people prepare for things coming down the pipe this year.

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