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Christmas Reflections

With the flurry of blog posts going around the Pagan blogosphere on Christmas, notably here at Wildhunt Blog and here at T. Thorn Coyle’s blog, and here and here at Patheos, I thought I would write my own.  I think that it’s good for us a community to reflect on why we celebrate, with whom we celebrate…even if our answer eventually comes out to be ‘tradition’.

As I said in response to T. Thorn Coyle’s blog:

“So yes, while I’ve let the season’s idioticy consumerism ‘get to me’ a bit, it will mercifully have little impact on the fun we’ll have this year. I’ll probably still celebrate the holiday season as I have for years: Yule with my spiritual family, Christmas with my blood, and look at the latter as a time for togetherness, celebration, love, and hope.”

Yes, sometimes maintaining the positive outlook is hard.  This Christmas has been especially hard for that at times.  However, it is the Gebo between communities and its members to keep one another happy, moving forward in times of harshness.  Mercifully I have that in my family, my fiancee, and friends.  The hope is next year the stress won’t be so crushing, and the season will be restored to its proper time of happiness and levity that I’ve come to know it as.  Here’s hoping!

In digging into the meaning behind the season, we can extrapolate all kinds of things historically speaking.  You know what I really care about?  What we’re doing right now. Why we’re doing it.  That’s what really matters.  Yes, the past can inform what we do, but the past should, in my opinion, only hold so much sway over us.  We’re living now, with dynamic, living, breathing families and situations.  We’re not living in the future or in the past, so, at least in regards to the holidays, I don’t see much reason for consistently looking back.  I see reason for celebration, for merry-making, for wishing and hoping.

Ves Heil and to those who are celebrating, Christian or not, Merry Christmas!

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