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Hail to House Mundilfari!

Tonight is the lunar eclipse, and though I can’t see much through the overcast, it is beautiful.  Tonight I went out and did a small offering and ritual to House Mundilfari, especially to Mani.  The air pulsated with His energies…incredible.

I offered Mugwort and prayers to Him and His Kin, having nothing else on me to offer.  In return for His and His Family’s blessing, He has asked me to channel Him and write the following:

“Don’t forget us.  Even as we light your path, don’t forget us.  Don’t forget us as we help grow your food, keep the tides, give you rest, and give you energy.  In forgetting us, in ignoring our cycles, you ignore your own.  In ignoring us, you ignore your world.  We are not mere markers of Time, we are Gods.  I ask only that you acknowledge Me.  I like candy, I like games, I like math and relaxation, I like to hold you as you let me know your deepest secrets.  I will bless you with My Face, My blessings, even My Words if you would like to listen.  Enjoy Jul, enjoy the snow.  And think of me.  Pray to me if you’d like.  If you’d have me as a friend, let me know.  I liked friends.  I want to know more and more of you, if only you’d hear Me Call!  Listen in the quiet of the night; dance in the moonlight!  Dance with me!

Oh, and don’t forget My Sisters!”

He gave me a personal message after this, left, leaving me with a rush of intensity, of power, of some mix of childhood wonder and old wisdom.  It was incredible…thank you Mani.  You bless me more than words can say.

Hail House Mundilfari!  Hail Mani!

I’m still tingling from His passage.  I wasn’t expecting Him to visit me like this tonight.  I may have more to write as the night goes on.  All I had expected to happen was to walk outside, freeze my ass off while giving my offerings, saying prayers and asking for blessings, then coming inside and sitting down to play a video game.  Surprise!

It’s funny; two years ago I began truly working closely with the Aesir, Vanir, Jotun and vaettir, and They have all become so pervasive in my life.  I look forward to the years ahead with such companionship.  I have gone through some intense times, some hard times, and some down times, but I’ve always been blessed by the companionship of the Gods and spirits I work with.  I am blessed by Their Presence, I am blessed by those that walk this and similar paths to my own.  I will remember that, and the blessings I’ve been given tonight: I’ve sat in the Presence of Mani on a day that comes only once in 400 years, been blessed with His Words, and have a deepening relationship with a God I never originally intended to.  I’m happy for the support of friends, I’m happy for the reassurances I’ve received from fellow shamans and practitioners that even helped me get up the courage to write entries like this in the first place.  Thank the Gods for people who won’t let you give up on yourself, or call yourself nuts, and push you to develop your spirituality!

Thank the Gods for a new day, a new year, a new beginning, for the promise that we can make this world better if we turn our minds to it.


Hail House Mundilfari!  Hail to you who keep our days, our nights, who remind us there is healing and hope in the dark spaces of the day as much as the light.  Thank you to Those who help us grow our food, keep our homes, and reckon our days!  Thank you for Your blessings, patience, diligence, and friendship.  Hail to You!  Hail to Sunna, to Sinthgunt, to Mani (and His friends Bil and Hjuki),  to Mundilfari and all His Children!

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