Day 4 on Yggdrasil

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Yesterday was exhausting and given which Realm Odin has told me I work with today, Svartalfheim, it looks as though my workload may be increasing.  Already I know I will be working with Andvari, and possibly the four Elemental Dwarves of the Four Direction, Austri (East), Sudhri (South), Vestri (West), and Northri (North).  I drew only two runes to work with today.

I am surprised Andvari has not put me to work already.  It seems, mercifully, I have a reprieve until morning.

“No need to push a worker ready to drop dead,” I hear a rough voice joke.  “Just be ready to ready to work by noon.”

It is ironic; for the first time in four days I am allowed to listen to the radio, and I can find only a few stations worth listening to.  I fell asleep in silence.

Andvari’s first task is for me to make plans for all my future Shaman gear.

“You will have to make it sooner or later.  Best to draw diagrams and plan to get materials, figure out what you need to learn and learn it.  Heck, you might want two versions: one for summer, the other for winter.  Get to it, then see me when you’re done.”

The first big, needed item that comes to mind is not any clothing, but my Rune bag.  The one Nicole bought me at Crazy Wisdom has fallen apart, so the replacement is one I want to be sure will be good for years to come.

Rune Bag Design



Materials Needed:

  • Length of durable white or black cord
  • Sewing needles & red spool for runes
  • Durable, natural, organic (if possible) material for bag
  • Altar with accouterments to bless bag
  • My stained, blessed runes

Shaman Gear:  Socks Design

Materials Needed:

  • Durable, absorbant, breathable material that can stretch
  • Thread that is able to stretch and “breathe” with the material
  • Red thread for runes


Materials Needed:   Same as above.


Shaman Gear: Pants Design

Materials Needed:

  • Jean material for this design, if it cannot be done take out pockets and liner areas and have plain design with room for belt.  If jeans cannot be made, material should be of cotton, wool, or another substance that breathes, preferably organic.
  • For jean design: Metal snaps, denim fabric (possibly layered with two denim or denim and wool or cotton), thread: tough and flexible.  Maybe zipper for jeans.

Materials Needed:  Light flowing or easy-breathing material, yet tough enough to walk or hike in.



Editor’s Note:  I will update this with the full extent of what he had me design at a later date.

Andvari is pleased, so long as I hold to making or getting all these materials together as I can.  Given the rain and lack of money, He is having me move on, but expects progress on this throughout the year.

The Four Elemental Dwarves spoke to me, Northri, the Dwarf of Earth and sometimes Ice, had this to say to me in His cavern that Andvari led me to:

“You know your human hands won’t rival dwarf-made items.  Besides, I don’t want that kind of offering.  If you want to call on Me as an ally, then the offering you give Me is unleashing the land locked beneath the Ice in your heart and mind!  How can I call you ‘friend’ when you question why I come to you?  Your Father set us as Guardians, and so we shall be.  If you desire to understand and cultivate a relationship with Earth, stop worrying about screwing up.  You will and you will be better for it!  No good dwarven smith began a Master, no a Shaman a steady walker.  Fall; at least my Element cushions you!”  When I asked Him why He and so many were willing to have relationships with me, Northri said this:

“You human stopped planting our crops in your field.  There always has been the fertility there.  Now, you few humans allow planting; who would not wish to share their seed?  Better yet when your fields are open to all with room to spare!”  He nods His head and sends me on to speak with Austri.  Where Northri was black-haired, brown eyed and girt in green, Austri has curly white hair and beard and blue eyes, wearing flowing blue with gold trim.  Northri’s voice was deep and gravellish, where Austri’s is like breathing while talking, almost like a mascule form of how Queen Mab from ABC’s miniseries Merlin spoke.  Wind whistles in His cave.

“You already have good grasp of my element. The problem you have here, and that I ask you to offer Me, is to speak in the moment when your heart tells you and learn to temper the words so they offer the impact you want not hope for.  Don’t waste your breath.  Let your silence now be a lesson to you in that.”  That was all He had to say, and He sent me on to Sudhri.  I was expecting a male dwarf, but Sudhri has appeared to me as a flame-haired female dwarf wearing black pants and deep, ember-red tunic.  Her voice has a smokey tone to it, a tenor ring.

“Surprised?  Why?”  I don’t hear anger, a quiet kind of curiosity.  I answer because the other Dwarves were men.  She chuckles and pokes at the fire at her feet, sending up sparks.

“So what can you offer me as a token of friendship?” She smiles as She sits across from me.

“I can offer you something of passion-” I begin and She stops me, telling me I have too many strains on that, to offer Her something of Will.  I don’t get it, so I ask if She wants some of my Will and she breaks into a raucous laugh, slapping Her leg.

“No, I want you to fuel it!  We won’t be able to kindle much if you douse your flame half the time!” She laughs, tells me that will be good enough and sends me on with a warm clap on my shoulder, still chuckling as I come to a dimly lit underground pool.

Vestri sits, a dwarf woman with Her feet dangling above the pool.  She looks up at me and gives me a knowing smile.  She wears a skirt of navy, tunic of blue-green.

“You would come to Me last.  You’re so closely tied to my Element, but yet it perhaps scares you the most.  I and the Undines saw as you almost jumped off the pier.  Without that lifeguard to stop you, you mihgt have.  Not that long ago, the thought of that alone would have terrified you.”  I simply nod; there were kids fifteen, sixteen years old jumping off that dock, so I didn’t feel too accomplished.  When I swam in it, the ice-cold Massachusetts ocean panicked me.  I had flashes of a life where I was drown in an ice cold sea, something on or around my legs dragging me down.  I had a panic attack and swam back to shore as fast as I could.  She watches me reminisce, sighs and splashes Her feet in Her pool.

“You always have been too hard on yourself, too ready to dismiss your intuition and thought and emotion, insight…shall I go on?  So if you have an offering for Me, let it be you trusting your emotions, intuition, energy, heart…how else are we going to grow as allies?”  With that I am back, going on to Odin’s Rune lesson for today.

In the spirit of andOdin is asking me to acknowledge what I reliably know and what I would like to that remains a mystery to me, spiritually speaking.

  • Non-Gardnerian Wicca
  • Galdr
  • Exorcism
  • Roman Catholicism Runes Spirits in general
  • Forms of prayer Utiseta The Nine Worlds
  • Forms of meditation Various forms of energy healing
  • Varieties of energy work Horsing Myself
  • The chakra and kundalini systems
  • Egregore Creation
  • Seidhing
  • Psychic abilities
  • My Gods, Spirit Allies and Ancestors
  • Varieties of Shamanism, particularly Native American varieties and Northern Tradition
  • Ceremonial Magic
  • Chaos Magic
  • Stones, metals, and herbs for magical use
  • Shields, wands, circles, sainings, etc.

  • Enochain Magic
  • Ergi work
  • Herb use besides just a few
  • Deeper knowing of my Gods, Spirit Allies, and Ancestors
  • Spirits I’ve not met in the Nine Worlds
  • Deeper into Chaos Magic
  • Deeper into my path in Northern Tradition as a Shaman, as I am experiencing now
  • Spae-craeft


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