So, in case anyone doesn’t know, I don’t just work with Odin.  I was first Priest to Anubis, becoming His Priest in 2006.  He graciously has allowed me a lot of time to work with Odin, and He and many of the other Gods I’ve worked with have at one point or another largely fallen out of my daily practice.  I am primarily working with the Northern European Gods and spirits, especially Odin, Freya, Thor, Loki, Andvari, the Elemental Dwarves, and occasionally Baldur, Sunna, Mani, and on seldom occasion, Angrboda.   However, in addition to Odin, Freya, Thor, Loki and Baldur, other Gods with whom I have good working relationships, to the point of feeling They are part of my spiritual family are: Brighid, Bres, Lycrous, Lupa, Bast, and Anubis.  Largely these last 6 Gods have been in my prayers, but I have not done journeying with Them or to Them lately.  So, when I got home from class today, I did.

It felt great.  I put on a black robe with a rope of black and white on either side of my waste, and anointed my chakras with oil a friend has let me borrow.  Then, I put a pillow I down and covered it with a towel, and sat in a kind of box made from the three staves I journey with, one for each general region of Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds on Yggdrasil locking along my altar.  My Upper World staff formed the top of the box, with the Middle Word staff on my right, and Lower World staff on my left.  I started drumming, letting my spirit horse guide me to the tune and rhythms I needed, and sang each Deity’s name.

I sang a kind of deep, throat singing yoik-like song for the Nordic deities with slow, heartbeat drumbeats.  For the Celtic deities, I sang a lilting up and down tune while erratically drumming.  For the Wolf deities, my singing evolved into long howls, loud as I could, connecting to my wolf-side’s spiritual Ancestors.  It felt absolutely liberating and amazing to howl so loud, so long, the drum beating behind my howls loudly, erratically with my heart.  Oh the rush!  When I finally stopped I had to collect my breath, and slow my heart so I could sing and drum for the Egyptian deities properly.  The Egyptian deities I sang to in harmonies, scaling up and down slowly, with a kind of gentle cadence to both my voice and drum.  When I finished, I started drumming louder, more erratic, calling to each of my spirit guides, protectors, etc. as the song directed me to drum.  I drummed for awhile, feeling the presence of all my helping spirits, and gave thanks to all who came.

I opened my eyes, and began to move my staves back to where they belonged on either side of the altar.  I felt, and still feel amazing, connected, and breathing a bit easier.  The weight I’ve been feeling all day is lifted, and I’m not feeling stressed or anxious.  I’m at peace, and communing with my Gods and spirits has done me a world of good.

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