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Journey to Svartalfheim and Andvari’s Realm

Though the two aren’t distinct, given Andvari lives in Svartalfheim, what He has told me is Advariheim.  I was called out of bed this morning at about 7 in the morning.  I used the bathroom, washed my hands, bundled up and headed outside.  I was called not just by Andvari, but what I have come to know as the Four Elemental Dwarves: Northri, Austri, Southri, and Vestri.  It may not jive with established lore, but this is how these Four have revealed Themselves to me.

It was cold, so I put on two shirts and two pairs of pants, taking up the gear I would need to go to Svartalfheim with.  Among the tools I use for journeying are mugwort as both an offering and a cleansing herb, my black leather hat which has been blessed by varying spirits and Gods, my black leather trenchcoat which has had the same; stones and crystals as they call to me to bring, a pocket utility knife from a good friend, and my drum.  I’ve worked with the drum for about six months now, and it and my spirit-horse that resides within it are developing a good rapport.  I bought the drum from the state Renaissance Fair, and worked with it through my Nine Days on the Tree, so the spirit that inhabits it and I have grown quite close.

I began by offering to the spirits of the home and surrounding area, sprinkling bits of mugwort as I walked.  Where there were sacred circles on the property, I walked sunwise around them, sprinkling the herb and offering prayers to the landvaettir and other spirits of the place.  When I finally got to the woods, I walked to a secluded spot.  I sat, and begin to drum to a slow 1 beat for every 4 seconds.  After calling to my spirit-horse and singing prayers to it, I sing a song that went something like this for the Svartalfs:

“Beings of earth and stone

Help me down to your home

Share with me in the dark

Near the fires of your hearths

Shapers of metals, and gold

Tell me the things that need to be told

Here within the dark

Of the hearths of Svartalfheim

Tell me, share your sacred art

Here within this chosen time.”

We spoke for a short time; I received Runes to call Them by, and messages personal to a friend of mine.  My work with Andvari is not over by any means, but He is helping me make the plans that will form a shamanic outfit I’ve been asked by Odin to make.  I’m still looking for materials for it (all-natural, organic, where possible and furs as needed) and for opportunities to learn how to make the outfits, or at least be able to know the people who can help make the outfit with me.

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