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Sometimes I hear people say “don’t interfere” when they see people in distress.  I’ve heard it when people watch as the homeless walk around the neighborhood, and I’ve heard it when people pass by crash scenes and stranded cars.  I know the reasons we have; some of them are good.  More often than not, though, we don’t stop because we assume someone else will, because we’re afraid of being put in danger or being taken advantage of.  Can I suggest something?  Interfere.

The person on the street, in all the people I’ve talked to, or have helped, simply don’t want to be on the street.  They’re humans Gods damn it!  Human.  If you don’t have money to help, you still have resources to help.  Something as simple as handing a homeless person your empty pop bottle is an act of compassion.  All they want is help.

If you live in an apartment, and you hear screaming or the crashing of plates or people screaming at each other…don’t assume it’s all going to work itself out.  Interfere.  Even if its just anonymously calling the police, or knocking on the door and asking what is going on.  You’ll never know if you’ve saved a life by interfering, but without interfering you may.

Yes, interfering can be dangerous.  I’m not going into this post with rosy-colored glasses.  I know that calling that cop, that knocking on the door, that feeding that homeless person, all brings risk.  Anything in life worth doing, in my opinion, brings risks.  You may never understand the full effect of people you interfere with.  However, just standing by and letting ‘fate’ or some nebulous ‘other’ take care of the problem, you give up your responsibility.

Fate, in my view, Wyrd, is not just ‘hey something happens ’cause it happens’.  It’s cause and effect, as much as the overarching design of the Universe, and my place in it is to act not to be passive.  Yes, I understand that being passive is an action…but I don’t think that we were given the ability to do without a reason to do.  We weren’t given eyelids so they could stay shut all the time.  We weren’t given legs so we could put them up and not walk all the time.  Similarly, we weren’t given the ability to impact the world around us.  Passivity does have its place, but when it comes to watching other human beings suffer, I think that is at the back of line next to apathy.

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